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Signs of being afraid of loneliness

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Women and men at some point in their lives have been afraid of loneliness.

Since childhood, we are used to never being alone and to having the company of family and friends. Obviously this is correct and necessary, the negative is that we grow up and continue to be afraid of being alonea situation that leads us to maintain toxic relationships because we do not have the courage to leave them and expose ourselves to being alone with ourselves.

the psychologist Belen Gomezon his Instagram account, exposes what they are signs of being afraid of loneliness:

  • You think that if you stay alone, you will never be able to find someone else. This often happens to women and men who have been in a relationship for many years. They prefer to stay there being unhappy rather than risk being alone and giving themselves the opportunity to meet another person who makes them happy.
  • You doubt yourself and have low self-esteem. When there is a lack of confidence in your abilities, you will not see the possibility of becoming independent as viable.
  • you are emotionally dependent. You dare not cut ties, either with your partner or with your family members.
  • You are afraid of rejection or abandonment. It’s normal, nobody likes to be rejected, but, beyond that, you need the approval of others.
  • You are with people who “drain” or “steal” your energy. Either your partner or a family member may be a toxic relationship for you that you need to get away from immediately.
  • You avoid confrontation so as not to have a conflict with the other person. Conflicts are sometimes necessary to advance and fix positions.
  • You feel uncomfortable when you are alone, without anyone’s company.
  • You put the needs and emotions of others before your own. It is good to be generous, but never attack your own well-being to please others.

Source metroecuador.com

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