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Show of power in Mannheim: Polar bears storm out of quarantine – Sport

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The Polar Bears’ 4-0 display of might in Mannheim should not only have given the defeated opponent pause. The fact that the leader of the table, after a week of team quarantine and then only two training sessions, is able to control the first pursuer at that time in such a way, the Berliners themselves did not expect. “I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Winning in Mannheim is very special for the team. The fact that we came out of quarantine like this is great and shows the chemistry in our team.”

Almost all teams were in quarantine this season due to corona infections. As a general rule, it took two or three games before wear and tear and lack of training would shake and digest. Anyone who believed in the current case that the dominance of the Berliners could end, at least in the short term, was wrong. It was quite the opposite: in some games this season, the Polar Bears appeared tactically so well structured compared to their direct competition. “We have 23 guys in the team, but they think as one, that’s what makes us so strong,” praised coach Serge Aubin. “Each one has the role of him.”

The squad is as deep as it has been for a long time.

The fact that goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger, defender Morgan Ellis and forwards Marcel Noebels, Leo Pföderl, Giovanni Fiore and Mark Zengerle were not in a sextet was of little consequence. Because for more than 60 minutes, and that was rare even this season, we constantly worked and defended. Tobias Ancicka, who strongly represented Niederberger with his second shutout this season, said of the successful defensive work: “Even when we were only 1-0 up for a long time, they didn’t get hectic at the back.”

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Only a few players are likely to feel agitated in the coming days as the competition heats up. After the next away game in Schwenningen on Sunday (5:00 p.m.), more and more players will gradually pile into the lineup than there are places available. Due to the latest commitments of Dominik Bokk and Johan Södergran, who celebrated a quiet but solid debut in Mannheim, the squad is as deep as it has been for a long time. Which should make opponents ponder even more.

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