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Shopping is getting more expensive: Aldi raises prices

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Essen/Mülheim (dpa) – Prices in the German food trade are becoming more and more dynamic. Aldi is currently raising prices across the board.

The company is therefore passing on the manufacturers’ price increases as a result of the Corona crisis and the war in Ukraine to customers, the industry magazine “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reported. According to an investigation by the specialized magazine, some 400 articles are affected. Such a wave of price increases has not existed for years.

Aldi basically confirmed the price increases. “Where purchasing costs change due to the current market situation, we also have to increase selling prices,” said a company spokesman on behalf of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd.

The Aldi spokesman explained that the market situation has been shaped for months by ongoing challenges in international shipping, the Omicron wave, the critical international trucker shortage, and rising energy and raw material costs. The situation was aggravated by the war in Ukraine. This leads to an increase in the purchase prices of many products. It is part of the discount model that Aldi lowers selling prices when buying prices go down and increases selling prices when buying prices go up. “We would like to point out that this step will not change our margins.”

According to “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, the price jumps vary depending on the product. Sometimes it’s about 10 cents, other items would be a euro more expensive. Coffee price jumps are particularly striking. However, various drugstore items, baked goods, detergents, salty snacks and frozen goods have also become more expensive.

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