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Shocking Moment People Jump From Burning Train In Massachusetts

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Several videos have started circulating on social networks of the terrible moment that some users of a train, of the Orange Line, which covered the route between Oak Grove and Community College, when one of the cabins started to catch fire, forcing over two hundred occupants down, even using the windows.

According to local media, the train that showed the huge column of smoke was heading south and was about to arrive at the muster station. Although for the moment the authorities have not specified the causes of this event, the company in charge of the administration of the transport system has confirmed that the train was taken out of service due to a “mechanical problem”, without giving further details.

Faced with the emergency, which fortunately was seen several hundred yards away due to the smoke, firefighters had to suspend the flow of energy in the area between Wellington and Assembly, in an operation led by the Somerville Sector Fire Department.

One of the images that circulated the most on the networks was how passengers had to get off the means of transport, in the midst of a situation of uncertainty, well, the train was stopped in the middle of a bridge over the Mystic River.

According to the medium Boston 25 Newsin the list of occupants of the train involved in the emergency, there is a woman who, in the midst of a panic, jumped off the train into the river and swam to shoreonly to then refuse to receive first aid from the paramedics.

In order to evacuate quickly, the passengers had to break the windows of the train, to get out through them.

The good news is that despite exposure to potentially hazardous materials, none of the passengers were injured. However, the smoke caused some discomfort and respiratory problems for people in the area.

According to statements collected by local media, the emergency began due to a breakdown which was manifested by the presence of sparks near the driver’s cabin of the train, in a proliferation of flames which spread rapidly.

Passengers reported that moments of great anguish were experienced inside the train, stating that “some were going mad”.

Faced with this frightening event, local media pointed out that last June, some new trains integrated into the provision of the service, attached to the red and orange lines, “were withdrawn from service”, due to certain failures in their electrical system.

Source metroecuador.com

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