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Shock in Sweden: two teachers killed at school

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Malmö (AP) – A terrible act in Malmö, Sweden: two teachers die in a school. A high school student is suspected of murder. The 18-year-old was arrested on Monday just ten minutes after the first emergency calls.

He admits to killing the two women, his lawyer Anders Elison told the TT news agency on Tuesday afternoon. During an interrogation, he described in detail what happened at the school. Whether and how he was connected to the two dead women was unclear until then, as was the motive for the crime.

“It is a tremendously sad day. Yesterday two people were killed in a school here in Malmo,” local police chief Petra Stenkula told a news conference on Tuesday. “A school should be a safe place, safe for students, safe for teachers and safe for employees. No one should have to fear violence in a school.” Later, several hundred people gathered outside City Hall to observe a minute of silence.

Captured in ten minutes

The incident occurred late on Monday afternoon. Police initially reported a suspected serious crime at the high school in the center of Sweden’s third-largest city. The first emergency calls came in at 5:12 pm and the perpetrator was arrested at 5:22 pm, Stenkula said. Authorities found the suspect and two injured people on the third floor of the school building. Police believe the perpetrator acted alone.

The two injured – apparently the two women – were taken to hospital by ambulance. The sad police update followed late into the night: the two died as a result of the violence inflicted on them. They were each between 50 and 60 years old. They were both teachers at the school, Malmö city education director Anneli Schwartz said at Stenkula’s side on Tuesday.

About 50 people were on the school grounds at the time of the crime. Some of the students had reportedly been rehearsing for a musical, among other things. His school has been around for more than 600 years, and about 1,100 students last attended primary school.

The Prime Minister expresses his condolences

Sweden’s prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, was appalled by the crime. “It is with great concern and dismay that I received the news that two people died yesterday following a serious violent crime at a school in Malmo,” the prime minister said in a comment to Swedish media on Tuesday morning. His thoughts are with his families and friends, but also with all the students and colleagues at the high school.

Many good things have happened in Malmö in the fight against crime in recent years since the city made negative headlines long ago due to serious crime. The authorities have launched measures and programmes, including in the troublesome district of Rosengård, where soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic hails from. Other cities, which have also been fighting rampant gang crime for a long time, took Malmö’s approach as a model.

act without notice

Deliberate shots and explosions, like those that supposedly peaceful Sweden has been experiencing for several years, have not stopped in the south of the country either. There have also been several armed attacks on schools, most recently in January in Kristianstad and last year in Varberg and Eslöv. The targets of these attacks were students and teachers, there were injuries in each case, but not deaths like this time in Malmö.

The latest act apparently happened without warning: The 18-year-old student from nearby Trelleborg had no criminal record. The police are now trying to find out more about his personality. She confiscated several weapons, firearms were not among them. According to information from the Aftonbladet newspaper, she would be armed with an ax and a knife.

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