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‘She sings like an angel, but she dresses horribly’, JLo’s daughter’s review after returning to the stage shows the worst of the networks

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Emme Muñiz, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, grew up and is a 14-year-old teenager who will undoubtedly He inherited his talent from his parents.

The young woman surprised on different occasions with his voice and his confidence while singing, like during the 2019 Super Bowl, when he sang alongside his mother, and in some concerts.

Recently, the daughter of the famous singer surprised again by going on stage with JLo, and fell in love with her voice again.

But unfortunately, Network users do not focus on their talent, but on their style and the way they dress, showing the worst of networks.

They criticize Jennifer Lopez’s daughter for her style when she takes the stage

Jennifer López returned to the stage this Thursday, and surprised the audience, with a show with daughter emma.

It hadn’t happened for a long time, so it was even more special and moving, and they joined to sing the A Thousand Years theme.

Even though Emme sang as beautiful as ever, with an angelic voice, the networks were filled with criticism of her and JLo for her look.

And it is that the teenager He wore an oversized shirt and shorts in a fuchsia tone, stockings in the same tone, black tennis shoes and a dark cap.

“OMG this girl sings like an angel, but she dresses horribly”, “what a beautiful voice she has, but JLo please dress her better”, “how is it possible that Jennifer Lopez’s daughter s ‘dresses like that’, ‘yes, she sings very beautiful, but what an awful look’, and ‘Emme’s worst look’, were some of the cruel reviews.

It’s time to stop commenting on other people’s kids, their styles and what they useeveryone is free to use what they want, and we have to start being more user-friendly, especially on the networks, where everyone feels free to attack and criticize.

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