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She raises controversy by placing a tracking device in her husband’s car

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A Reddit user sparked controversy online after admitting she planted a tracking device on her husband’s car to detect if he was cheating on her.
Sharing her story anonymously, the woman explained that she became suspicious of her husband when he started coming home later than usual and leaving the house in the middle of the night.

After confronting her husband and getting no answers, the woman decided to buy the Apple AirTag, a tracking device that connects to the Find Me app on the iPhone, then put it in the glove compartment of her husband’s car and waited for him to come back. he would sneak her out of the house so she could monitor where he was going, according to the British Mirror newspaper.

The woman wrote: “My husband and I have been together for 6 years. We don’t have kids yet but we are trying. He works at a construction company while I work from home as a wellness brand owner and vlogger and during For the last two months he’s been staying up much later than usual. At first, I didn’t suspect anything and just ignored him.”

“However, last week I woke up at 2am and he wasn’t in bed. I went back to sleep and asked him in the morning and he explained that he was out for a run. At 2am? I ignored him, then He did it again a few nights later, except me. This time I heard his car pull up in the driveway. When he got back to our room, I pretended to be asleep.”

The woman continued: “The next morning while he was at work, I bought an Apple AirTag to track his whereabouts. When he got home from work, I put the device in the glove compartment of his car and stayed up all night. expecting him to sneak up on me again and he did, I tracked his car and saw him. You’re heading to some deserted terrain 45 minutes away by car. He stayed there for about two hours and then came home.”

The woman spoke to her husband when he returned home, and while she demanded to know what she was doing, the man was “angry” that she invaded his privacy. She added: “I confronted him about this and he was very angry. I asked him why he was going there, and he said it was for his job and that I should mind my own business and respect his privacy.”

Commenters on Reddit were divided on the post, with many people believing both the woman and her husband were wrong in their actions, with one person saying, “Everyone is wrong here. It’s for lying and sneaking out of the house, and you.” . re for tracker. When you get to the point of putting a tracker on If your car is your life partner, it’s time to go to a marriage counselor or divorce attorney.”

Another added: “If he disappears at odd times I should tell you where he is. Tracking someone down is also unacceptable behavior though, you two are just as bad in this scenario.”

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