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She is the newcomer in “The Lion’s Den”

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Diana with lion
She is the newcomer in “The Lion’s Den”

“Guest Lioness” Diana zur Löwen takes a close look at the idea of ​​”Meminto Stories” in “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

© Photo: RTL / Frank W. Hempel

The show “Die Höhle der Löwen” will start next season on August 29 – with influencer and entrepreneur Diana zur Löwen as guest star.

Vox’s founding show “Die Höhle der Löwen” returns from the summer hiatus on August 29 with the 12th season and eight new episodes. The broadcaster announced it. Then in the show the founders fight again for money and wealth of experience from Carsten Maschmeyer (63), Nico Rosberg (37), Ralf Dümmel (55), Dagmar Wöhrl (68), Nils Glagau (46), Judith Williams (50) and Georg Kofler (65).

According to the announcement, for the first time, participants of the show also have the opportunity to present their start-up to guest lioness Diana zur Löwen (27), to be seen in episode five. At only 27 years old, she already has more than ten years of professional experience in the field of social media. She has a million followers on Instagram and, according to Vox, has successfully advised several companies on social media marketing. She is also a speaker and supports a few selected start-ups as an investor, according to the influencer and entrepreneur.

Diana zur Löwen herself says about her new engagement: “I have known ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ since I was a teenager and saw myself as the presenter of the show full of anticipation and ambition. Now, I’m really happy to be an investor in this inspiring format to be there. I feel especially honored because I’m a pretty young guest lioness next to the well-honed professionals.

This is also what fans can expect

According to the broadcaster, high-profile faces such as Vox “dog professional” Martin Rütter (52) or double Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (31) are also included in the new season. In addition, the new episodes should again relate to very high investment sums: In the fall, two start-ups are each looking for an investment of one million euros and a founding team is even looking for 1.5 million euros. euros, according to the broadcaster.

Following the broadcast of Vox, the current episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen” is on RTL+ available.


Source www.gala.de

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