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“She could beat me”, JLo opens up about the difficult relationship with her mother that caused her to leave home

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Jennifer Lopez He has a great relationship with his mother. Guadalupe Rodríguez, with whom he even sang on stage.

Through her networks, the singer shows that Mama Lupeas he affectionately says to his mother, is his great complement and They have a great bond.

However, It wasn’t always like this, especially in her childhood and adolescence, when JLo’s mother was very hard on her and her sisters, and even I was going to hit them.

Jennifer Lopez talks about the difficult relationship she had with her mother

during his documentary half timerecently released in netflixthe famous opened up about the difficulty of her relationship with her mother in her teenage years, confessing that he even left the house.

JLo said her mother was a very strong woman, who could hit her or her sisters, Leslie and Lynda, for no reason.

“She did whatever it took to survive, and that made her stronger, but it also made her tougher. I could beat you, just like that.” said the singer.

Moreover, since she was a teacher, pressured her to go to college, but she wanted to be a dancer, actress, and singer, and her dream was very clear.

“My mother always made me understand that if I wanted to continue seeing under her roof, I had to continue my studies. One night we had a stronger than normal fight and I left, “ says Jlo.

Jennifer Lopez’s mother confesses why she was so hard on her daughters

For her part, her mother also spoke about the relationship she had with JLo and the reason why she was so strict.

“I always had the highest expectations for them. It wasn’t to be critical. It was just to show you that you could do better. Jennifer, she gave me a hard time, for you tell the truth. We met a lot”, Guadalupe unveiled.

Moreover, he pointed out that she wanted her three daughters to be independent and strong, so they would never depend on a man.

“She was far from the perfect mother. The one thing I can always say, everything I did, I did with the best interest at heart.”

Luckily, those experiences are a thing of the past, and now Lupe and JLo have the best relationship and are great accomplices.

Source metroecuador.com

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