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Sharon Stone: “I’ve lost nine children to miscarriages. Women have no space to speak about the magnitude of these losses.”

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Actress Sharon Stone (64) has been publicly honest about the nine spontaneous abortions she has suffered in her lifetime and the emotional impact these types of experiences have on women. It was through a comment on the magazine’s Instagram account personsin a message in which they shared the story of dancer Peta Murgatroyd, known for her participation in the American television show dance with the stars, who spoke about the recent abortion she suffered while her partner was in Ukraine. “We women have no forum to discuss the depth of this loss. I’ve lost nine children to miscarriages,” revealed Stone, who is a mother of three through adoption: Quinn Kelly, Laird Vonne and Roan Joseph.

“It’s no small matter, physically or emotionally, but we feel like instead of receiving the compassion, empathy and healing we so desperately need, we need to endure it alone and secretly with a sense of failure.” ‘ the interpreter wrote. “Female health and well-being, left in the care of male ideology, has become careless at best, effectively ignorant and violently repressive in their endeavours,” she adds.

It’s not the first time that the protagonist of primal instinct Be honest about subjects that are usually taboo for women in society. In an interview for the magazine in 2009 Prestigious which he gave at the premiere of the film satisfactionShe confessed to losing two children at five months pregnant: “I had two pregnancies that I lost at five months. And it was so awful because I had to have surgery when my kids died. It’s a trauma that you just can’t get over,” he admitted at the time.

In 2021, Sharon Stone shared her traumatic experiences during an induced abortion at age 18 in her memoir. The beauty of double life. The actress underwent the procedure in secret after becoming pregnant by her boyfriend as a teenager, and had to travel from her home state of Pennsylvania, where she was too young for a legal abortion, to Ohio, where parental consent was not required.

Sharon Stone’s comment on the magazine post persons collect more than 525 I like thisas well as numerous comments from other women thanking the actress for her sincerity and sharing her own experiences.

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