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Sharjah beat Al-Zawraa to qualify for the group stage

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Sharjah qualified for the AFC Champions League group stage after defeating Iraqi wild card Al-Zawra on penalties 6-5 after original time and extra time ended in a 1-1 draw.
The tie continued on the first five kicks, before Sharjah settled the result on the sixth kick, qualifying Sharjah to play in the first group, along with Al Hilal Saudi, Al Rayyan Qatar and Al Istiklal Iran. The match was exciting and Sharjah missed a penalty kick and then the Iraqi team advanced before Sharjah equalized the result from a penalty kick in the 89th minute.

The offensive initiative in the game was of interest to Al-Zawraa, with a shot by defender Muhammad Qadouh, passed by goalkeeper Adel Al-Hosani’s right, and Sharjah responded at half time with a sudden shot by Cayo Lucas from outside the box, which goalkeeper Jalal Hassan saved for a corner, Sharjah’s second attempt by Caio inside the box, but the ball was faster than Bernard to miss a true goal.

Sharjah started an attack in front of goal early in the second half through Bernard, who was saved for a corner by the Iraqi defense, and Sharjah’s advantage in attack was translated into a penalty in the 52nd minute as a result of the obstruction to which Gustavo submitted inside the area, but the opportunity to score from this shot was lost by Caio Lucas and was brilliantly blocked by goalkeeper Jalal Hassan, and the advantage passed to Al-Zawraa after wasting Al-Sharqawi’s shot, which turned out to be on a header into the area committed by Shaheen Abdel-Rahman, for which Saad Al-Amir managed to score the first goal in the 60th minute with an elegant shot to the left of goalkeeper Adel Al-Hosani, and then Sharjah tried to modify the result on more than one occasion. But the brilliance of the Iraqi goalkeeper and defense thwarted most of the attacks, but substitute Khaled Bawazeer managed to equalize in the 89th minute from a penalty kick committed by goalkeeper Jalal. Hassan and executed to the goalkeeper’s right, and Sharjah came close to deciding victory in alternative time on more than one occasion to end original time. With the tie 1-1, the match went into extra time.

Overtime and penalties
Sharjah continued their lead in the first half and Salem Saleh squandered a valuable chance as he looked towards goal, and Sharjah continued to squander chances at the start of the second extra time after goalkeeper Jalal Hassan single-handedly confronted Caio Lucas and then goalkeeper Adel. Al Hosani saved his team, Sharjah, from a goal by Mohammed Reda.

And the last minute saw goalkeeper Jalal Hassan sent off after receiving the second warning, forcing Al-Zawraa to push defender Abbas Qassem as goalkeeper in the penalty shootout, which Sharjah started by scoring through Khaled Bawazeer, then Al-Zawraa scored through Ahmed Sarteeb and Shukurov responded by scoring the second shot for Sharjah. Saleh Al Sharjah to advance from the third shot, then Algerian pro Houari Al-Taweel barely scored the result before Caio managed to score the fourth shot for Sharjah, but Muhammad Reda also adjusted the result, then Muhammad Abdul Basit scored the fifth shot for Sharjah, with Mahdi scoring a full Zawra to continue the 5-5 tie, and Shaheen Abdul Rahman hitting the sixth shot for Sharjah, while Adel Al Hosani blocked Al-Zawraa’s shot, which was taken by Ahmed Hassan.

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