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We’re often told that washing our faces and using a good scrub is the best way to remove blemishes, but one British woman keeps her youthful skin by washing her face just twice a week.
Brenda Gabriel, 40, says not washing her face every day has helped her maintain her age-defying youthful appearance.

The PR manager only washes her face twice a week, often cleansing with olive or jojoba oil instead of traditional water-based treatments. “I’m actually like Cameron Diaz because I don’t wash my face every day and as I get older my skin tends to get a little drier so what I’m doing now is an oil cleanse,” Brenda said. .

Regarding the claim that excess oil on the face causes breakouts, Brenda said, “It’s not true, especially as you get older. It’s one of the best things to cleanse your face.”

Brenda follows a high-protein diet, which includes protein shakes from time to time, plus a green smoothie every day, and while she also says regular exercise is key to staying healthy, Brenda admitted she’s more interested in hearing from her body. She would go to the sports gym for hours every day and urged others to adopt the same mindset.

“Don’t feel bad if you’re not interested in meditating or if you’re not really exercising because I’m not interested in either of those things at this point in my life,” Brenda explained. “Being mindful is very important. connect with your body and get to the point where you can beat the stress.

Instead of going to the gym feeling overwhelmed, Brenda prefers to relax in the shower with a glass of beer for a luxurious experience.

Brenda also attributes her youthful appearance to a lack of tension in her life, as she said treating herself gently helped her stop putting so much pressure on herself to succeed, and by following her own youthful secrets, Brenda was able to surprise strangers. when she was seen with her family, some even thought she was a friend of her 23-year-old son, the British Mirror reports.

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