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Shakira’s Pregnancy Rumors Prove Society Is Still In Search Of Perfect Bodies

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Despite Shakira announced their separation from Gerard pricks, a new rumor around the couple begins to gain momentum.

Amid the scandal, the barranquillera dedicated herself to continuing with her work guidelines including his various choreographies for the program Dance with myself.

However, one of them raised suspicion among his supporters on a possible pregnancy, when wearing a bulging belly.

Shakira’s pregnancy rumors show the stereotypes society holds

Over the years the entertainment industry was instructed to show as perfect bodies those who look thin, with few curves and flat bellies.

Even though some famous they fought to bring down these beauty gunsremained rooted in society.

Showing a pimple: rumors of a possible pregnancy Shakira even if her figure is amazing for her 45 years old.

And it is that for many an artist shows himself with a few kilo more or a slight bulging belly is synonymous with pregnancy.

“She is pregnant?” “And that belly, it seems that a third Pique is coming”, “I’m not the only one to have noticed his bulging belly”, they commented.

However, some experts They assured that it was normal for him to show a little belly when performing the movements of the Dance to make them more visible.

“To perform these belly movements you have to relax the abdomen a little and contract from the inside”, “When practicing belly dancing, it is very common for the belly to appear a little bigger when you the “spell” therefore that certain movements are more marked”, “to do belly dancing you have to take your belly out”, they specified.

Source metroecuador.com

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