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Shakira will be tried for tax evasion in Spain: “It’s a total scandal”

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Shakira has hit the headlines in recent weeks due to its separation from Gérard Martelé, due to the footballer’s infidelity. However, the Colombian singer has returned to the news due to the ongoing trial in Spain for four crimes against the Public Treasury.

The artist’s communications team has confirmed that His lawyers have held talks with the Barcelona prosecutor’s office to reach an agreement to reduce his sentence, if necessary, but the Barranquilla councilors have decided to reject the latest offer.

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In the statement, the Colombian says “leave the matter in the hands of the law, with peace and confidence that justice will prove you right.”

Shakira considers it a “persecution” of the Spanish Treasury

The Colombian artist has always shown her willingness to continue the criminal proceedings, without being satisfied with a remission of the sentence, as the press release indicates.

For her, This case “constitutes a total contempt” of his rights, because, as they argue in the document, he has always had “impeccable conduct, as a person and as a taxpayerand a clear willingness to resolve any dispute from the first moment, even before criminal proceedings.

It’s more, Shakira even, against her legal team, returned 17.2 million euros to the Spanish Treasury, the figure that would have been defrauded plus interest. In the statement, they emphasize this fact because “for many years there has been no outstanding debt.”

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What is the case of Shakira in Spain?

The The Spanish Treasury demanded about 14.5 million euros from the Colombian seeing indications that in 2012 she was already residing in Spain and had been obliged to pay taxes in this country since then.something that authorities say didn’t happen and hid income through a network based in tax havens.

Although Shakira, as the published press release points out, has already paid these 14.5 million euros, plus three more in interest, This does not prevent her from being brought to justice for alleged tax evasion between 2012 and 2014.

The case, which started in 2017 with the ‘Paradise Papersan investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), in which it was pointed out that the singer lived in Barcelona with her ex-husband, Gerard pricksand her two children, but was domiciled in the tax haven of the Bahamas.

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Research ensures that Shakira has managed in two other tax havens, Malta and Luxembourg, around 31.6 million euros for the copyrights of her songs.

According to the interpreter’s lawyers, she had been living in the Bahamas since 2004, but in the following years she had to travel “nonstop”, until 2015 her presence in Spain did not exceed the period that forced her to pay taxes. Moreover, they say that she managed several million euros through a Maltese company that “complies with all legal requirements”.

Source metroecuador.com

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