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Shakira reportedly erected walls around her mansion to block the way to Pique’s parents’ house

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The roller coaster of emotions surrounding the separation from Shakira and Gerard Pique seems not to end, the news surprised everyone and although at first it seemed that everything would be resolved in court, the couple reached an agreement, suggesting that there would be peace between them, but this is not what various media have reported.

Now it seems that the situation between the footballer and the singer is getting even worse, even several media have claimed that Pique may consider taking legal action against Shakira and her family for “damaging her image”, so that it seems that the one who took action first was her, putting up walls in her house.

They assure that Shakira blocks the access of Pique’s parents to their house

According to the Mamarazzi podcast, the last few hours filled the former couple with stress and friction would only worsen, as the “Te Felicito” singer reportedly began building walls inside her home to keep her apart from the crowd. footballer’s family. , something that caught the attention of many.

The Colombian’s home is said to be connected to her parents’ and her ex’s parents’ home in one large housing complex, so the two families would be within walking distance of each other, even though it seems be a good idea to keep yours close, after the dispute it is no longer seen as something so attractive.

As Laura Fe commented to Lorena Vasquez on the podcast, Shakira is “thinking seriously about connecting houses. It is no longer her family and she would like to divide the common areas.

What does Pique think of the walls that Shakira puts in her house?

In view of this information, doubts have arisen about what Pique thinks, who still keeps total silence about the separation, but would not be very affected by this change, because, despite the fact that his parents live in the same place, he is nothing.

According to several sources, the footballer lived for months in a Bachelor apartment near the center of Barcelona and seems to have completely ignored the properties in the municipality of Esplugas de Llobregat.

Source metroecuador.com

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