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Shakira forbids Pique from entering the house they shared with their children

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Everything seems to indicate that Shakira distance marked with Gerard pricks to the point of no longer speaking to him after the alleged infidelity of the player.

The Colombian’s house is surrounded by paparazzi day and night on the lookout for clues about their breakup and the non-existent communication between the former couple was recorded, to the point of having No entry to the one who was his old foyer.

Gerard Pique pulls out of his old home so he can’t get in

in certain recordings of the media could be considered the player player of the FCBarcelona He went to the Colombian’s home and apparently found that they had not granted him access.

Unable to enter, he had no choice but to go around and come back later, just when the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ He was inside his van. However, they had no communication.

prick would have gone in search of his son to take them to school and after not being able to get in he could be seen using his phone as he couldn’t even get into the parking lot.

After returning after a while, he was able to meet his children milan and sasha who got out of their mother’s van and got into their father’s car.

According to the media, Shakira and Pique they only have a conversation through third parties, like their secretary or their brother.

Like the Spaniard, who was unable to enter what was his old home, the entrance to his lawyer wasn’t allowed either but he was received by the participant of the singer, after he sent her a to take an oath from the legal office of athlete.

Everything seems to indicate that the two are facing a legal battle for the custody of their offspring.

According to the correspondent of El Gordo y La Flaca, George Martin, Pique has been with her alleged lover since December and she looks a lot like Shakira.

Source metroecuador.com

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