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Sex by points in Morocco.. Postponement of trial to hear defense arguments

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A Moroccan court has postponed the examination of the file of what is known as “sex by points”, in which several professors from Hassan II University in the central city of Settat are being followed.

The Court of First Instance of Settat (south of Casablanca) decided to postpone the trial of the accused teachers in the case of what is known in the media as “dotted sex” until March 21.

The postponement of the trial occurred in order to complete the arguments of the defense of the accused teachers, the issuance of sentences in this file being imminent, which attracted national and international attention.

According to defense press releases, the current work on such misdemeanor files is that the file is set aside for contemplation for a week or two, after which a verdict will be pronounced.

The defense sought the acquittal of all the defendants, with the postponement of the amount of the bail, with respect to the third and fourth suspects and the followers in a state of freedom.

The court session lasted for long hours like the previous ones, during which the defense revealed, in three briefs, that “there is no legal basis to persecute them, and the formative elements of the acts of sexual harassment, incitement to corruption and discrimination on the basis of sex are all charges that have no basis in law or reality.”

The defense said that the Moroccan university and its professors are in danger, due to the accusations of “harassment”, because some of them were victims of writing misleading lectures for their students, asking the court to address those who want to involve the professors. college students in files they described as “manufactured.”

The defense also demanded the acquittal of the observers, for the benefit of the law and suspicion, highlighting in four briefs, that there is not a single means or presumption that indicates the conviction of the teachers.

It is reported that two of the four professors are still detained, the first of them is the head of the Public Law Division and his accusation is related to “sexual harassment, incitement to corruption and discrimination based on sex, by linking the provision of a benefit based on that, he insults the judicial police by denouncing a crime that he knows will not happen, and psychological violence” against a woman by a person who has authority over her, abuse of influence and falsification of a document issued by the school management.”

As for the second, he is a professor of the history of political thought, who is being prosecuted for the crimes of “sexual harassment, incitement to corruption and discrimination based on sex, by linking the provision of a benefit for reasons of sex and the violence against a person”. woman by a person who has authority over her”.

The other two are in a state of freedom, after the Public Ministry released one of them on bail of 50,000 dirhams, and continues to be accused of “sexual harassment, incitement to corruption and gender discrimination, by linking the benefit of a benefit based on that and violence against a woman by a person who has authority over her.”

In addition to the head of the Division of Economy and Management, who was released on bail of 20,000 dirhams, accused of “sexual harassment and incitement to corruption.”

And the details of the file return, after leaked conversations, a pornographic letter was leaked in which there was a conversation between a teacher and a student in which the former asked about the remuneration that the student and her classmates would make in exchange for the help borrowed. for them, it is nothing more than a sexual relationship.

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