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Seven months late, Amalia de Oranien is celebrating her 18th birthday with a big armored summer party

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At the age of 10, Princess Amalia of Orange told her parents, Kings Guillermo and Máxima, that when she came of age she wanted to organize a big summer festival. It was a childhood dream, perhaps reinforced by the fact that he was born on December 7th, just two days after the arrival of Saint Nicholas laden with gifts for the children. Asking for more gifts was out of the question. That winter, the heir to the Dutch throne gathered a group of friends in the garden of Huis ten Bosch, the family home in The Hague, and they all toasted her health. There were 21 guests, according to the Dutch PM’s office, but the pandemic was raging and the government advised against hosting more than four people at a time. Criticism came immediately and the king adopted the misperception on behalf of his eldest daughter. Summer was coming, Amalia decided that the first weekend of July was the right time. To avoid further shocks, however, the appointment was treated as a “private matter”.

Kings Guillermo and Máxima declared at the end of June that their eldest daughter had dreamed of their big birthday party since she was a child. The couple were in Austria on an official visit and the Queen wanted to curb press interest when asked about the details of the celebration. He said it was better “to keep calm on Amalia’s 18th birthday”. Next, the sovereign explained that his daughter “always wanted to party in the summer”: “And here we are.”

Since the royal family has not published any official photos for the time being, the comments of the Dutch media, which specializes in kings, revolved around the possible guests of the height. If they had called Princess Elisabeth of Belgium who is 19 years old and a good friend of Amalia. Or to Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, another heiress of her generation, who just turned 18 before much of European royalty. A meeting attended by King Felipe VI, one of his godparents, but not by Leonor, Princess of Asturias, who finished the course the same day at the boarding school in Wales, where she is studying the International Baccalaureate (right with the middle sister of the Amalia, Alexia). To date, Amalia’s invitation list has not leaked out, which fits in very well with the combination given that she used to work at a beach bar in Scheveningen.

Almost all European princesses who become queens and thus heads of state in their respective countries are already of university age. The exceptions are Leonor from Spain, 16 years old; and Estela from Sweden, only 10 years old. For his part, Carlos of Luxembourg, son of Hereditary Dukes Guillermo and Estefanía, is only two years old. The boy posed very smiling along with the princesses in the family photo taken by the four: Ingrid Alexandra, Estela, Isabel and Amalia, during the first’s birthday.

The Dutch royal family during their traditional summer pose on June 24th.PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW (REUTERS)

The relationship between Amalia, Isabel and Ingrid is close. “We understand each other immediately, without needing further explanation, if we are in the same situation,” the Dutch heiress said on June 24 during the royal family’s traditional summer inn. The three young women send each other WhatsApp messages and discuss topics such as “privacy, friends or social networks,” he said. For her part, Amalia admitted that she is preparing to attend the annual opening of Parliament (Prinsjesdag, in Dutch) this September. It will be the first time to accompany the kings. “I have to rehearse to see if I can get on the float with a long dress and all that,” he joked.

After these more or less strict questions, it was time for possible romantic relationships, and that’s where Amalia de Orange used humor. “Are you lucky in love?” they asked. She responded thus: “Very happy, with all the people who love me around me, but I guess that’s not the answer I expected,” she exclaimed, laughing at her mother. He added that it was a personal matter, “but if there’s anything serious, it will be you [la prensa] the first to know.” At the urging of journalists, King William asked for time so that his 18-year-old daughter could “work out and meet a lot of great people”.

Source elpais.com

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