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“Serious military consequences”: Russia warns of NATO reinforcements in the Baltic countries – Politics

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Russia has warned against further strengthening NATO’s presence in the Baltic states. “NATO’s buildup of troops and infrastructure right on our borders and plans for their continued deployment are frankly provocative and are leading to a significant escalation of the confrontation in the Baltics,” the ministry’s European Policy director said on Tuesday. of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Belyayev. Interfax agency Saturday.

A “crazy” Russian threat serves as a pretext. The Baltic states “obediently” followed all US orders and hid behind their fake “front-line status”, Belyayev said. “We are looking at this and drawing the necessary conclusions.” He assured: “At the same time, our country has never threatened the alliance and does not threaten it.” German soldiers are also stationed in Lithuania.

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Belyayev also again warned against admitting Sweden and Finland to NATO. This would have “serious military and political consequences that would force us to reconsider the entire range of relations with these states and take retaliatory measures,” the diplomat said. He did not give details. Belyayev said that the neutrality of the two states is an important factor in ensuring security in Europe.

The neutral stance of Sweden and Finland has been anchored in the governance work of the two Nordic EU countries for decades. In the case of Finland, this attitude also stems from the fact that the country has the longest border with Russia of any EU member. Therefore, both are not yet members of NATO, but close partners in the alliance. However, the Russian attack on Ukraine has increased support among the Finns and Swedes for joining NATO. (dpa)

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