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Series of arson attacks in West Berlin: Another basement fire in Spandau: Police now count 75 crimes – Berlin

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There was another basement fire in Berlin-Spandau. The fire department reported a fire in the basement of a nine-story apartment building on the Semmelländerweg in the Staaken district on Saturday.

46 firefighters are on duty. The size of the fire was not initially reported.

In the area, which is characterized by the large housing estate Heerstraße Nord, there has been a long series of arson attacks since the fall of 2021. The police now count 75 acts, Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) said on Thursday. [Lesen Sie mehr bei Tagesspiegel Plus: „Diesmal brennt’s bei uns im Haus“: Immer wieder Angst und Frust in der Großsiedlung Heerstraße Nord]

The police have created a so-called investigation group called “Quartier”. There are undercover agents, a mobile police station, police patrols and prevention teams.

[Wissen, was in Spandau los ist: Jeden Dienstag berichtet André Görke im Tagesspiegel-Bezirksnewsletter aus Berlins tiefem Westen. Jetzt kostenlos abonnieren.]

Now a reward of 1,000 euros has been offered. Spranger urged housing associations to dispose of household trash more quickly and to use caretakers and security guards. (teaspoon, dpa)

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