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Sergio García is backing down and not giving up on the European circuit


Europe is yet to lose its totem in the Ryder Cup: Sergio García has reversed his decision to appear as a member of the European golf circuit and thus be a eligible player for the biennial clash against the United States after announcing his departure at the end of the last British Open in Saint Andrews. “I’m clear about what I’m going to do. Honestly I want to play where they want me, I want to feel loved and right now in the trip As a European, I don’t feel that way. As Thomas Bjorn [jugador danés y capitán del equipo europeo de la Ryder en París 2018] comes in the BMW [torneo de Múnich que disputó recientemente] and he tells us: ‘We don’t want any of you here, the players don’t want you here’, that’s not nice and I’m old enough and suffering enough to endure such nonsense.” , Garcia, 42, discharged. The Castellón man was fined 116,000 euros by the circuit for playing the first tournament of the new and multimillion-dollar Saudi league, and the fine after 23 years of professional career prompted him to express his intention to slam the door . “They don’t make you feel good. I gave more than half of life trip European and feel that because you are making a personal and professional choice because for once in your life you are taking care of yourself without leaving anything behind because I wanted to go on with them that they treat you like that … It’s not worth it . Now I’ll enjoy what I have, I’ll play less, I’ll be at home more. If I don’t play big, I don’t play big, I don’t care either. I’m sorry for the Ryder, but since I’m playing I’m not here to go either. We will enjoy what we have, we will play where they want us and the others can do what they want,” he added.

However, the passage of a few days and the support of players like Jon Rahm have changed the mind of the man from Castellón, a myth of the Ryder, the competition he has won six times and in which he is the top scorer (28 points) and player with the most games won (25) in its history. “When I finished the Open Championship I said I would most likely give up my Tour membership. Of course, that meant not being eligible for the Ryder Cup because you have to be a member. But thanks to the things Jon Rahm said and I’ve had some good conversations with the DP World Tour guys, I’ll postpone it. I’d like to at least see what happens when Ryder Cup qualifiers start, what the rules and criteria are. If I agree with them then I will play on tour as much as possible and try to qualify for the Ryder Cup team and if not then we’ll move on. But it’s definitely something that comes to mind,” Garcia commented on ESPN.

Rahm supported Garcia when he expressed anger at the sanctions imposed by American and European circles for his departure to the Saudi league. “It doesn’t seem right to me that they’re turning their backs on him like that. Having to make this decision hurts me. The best golf event in the world that gets publicity is the Ryder and that there are players like Sergio who can’t play because of this nonsense makes me a little madder. He’s the best player Europe has ever had. That’s hard to understand,” Rahm commented, hoping for a negotiation that would lead to an agreement in the current Gulf War: “I hope they sit down to talk. I don’t really think that players are turning their backs on the circuits, but that they are taking another opportunity because there is more money. I would love for them to sit down and find a golf model to coexist on because LIV Golf isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully we’ll have some rest soon.

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