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Sensual, sporty, sure of herself: Nathalie Volk inspires the equestrian shoot


Nathalie Volk
Sexy horseback shooting in ocean waters

© instagram.com/mirandadigrande

Nathalie Volk has been in the headlines for months, in particular because of the return to love with entrepreneur Frank Otto. She is currently in Dubai to continue working on her career. At sexy horseback shooting, she shows total commitment.

Nathalie Volk, 25, has been through a lot last year. On October 29, 2021, she announced exclusively to GALA the separation from Timur Akbulut, was then in a relationship with Samuel “Sammy” Levy for a few weeks, then reconnected with her love story with Frank Otto, 64 years old. She recently swapped her adopted city of New York for Dubai, certainly to visit her big brother Christian, 27, who works as a lawyer in Dubai, but above all to further her career.

Nathalie Volk shows what she can do in a sexy horse photoshoot

Nathalie Volk, who now calls herself Miranda DiGrande, is currently pursuing plans to become an actress. However, she did not give up modeling. The former GNTM candidate shows during the filming on the beach in Dubai that she has forgotten nothing. First, she sensually poses in a swimsuit and elegant curls in the sea.

The much more difficult part then follows on horseback. In a combination of white fabric pants and a halter top, she poses on a saddled brown horse. The horse is in the water up to its belly and Nathalie also gives the impression of having already been in the water. Hair is damp and styled in a light side parting. The make-up is subtle, only the lips stand out in a soft shade of red.

In the photo, the shoot looks relaxed and easy, in the story, the beauty of the ex-GNTM reveals that such a horse shoot is not entirely without him. In a short video sequence, she shows how she rears a second horse. The horse looks agitated, but Nathalie seems to have everything under control. The work was worth it for the day, expressive photos were taken.



Source www.gala.de

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