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Senator Marsha Blackburn mocked after misquoting the Constitution while attacking abortion rights

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US Senator Marsha Blackburn spent her time during Justice Ketanji Brown’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing criticizing abortions, but failed to demonstrate even a basic understanding of American history when she later tweeted about it.

During Ms. Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Ms. Blackburn attacked the judge’s alleged record on abortion, going so far as to call the landmark Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade “One of the most brazen acts of judicial activism” in US history.

Ms. Blackburn then took to Twitter on Wednesday to continue railing against abortion, but managed to mix up her founding American historical documents.

“The Constitution gives us rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not abortions,” she wrote. However, Mrs. Blackburn spoiled her American trivia, since “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, not the United States Constitution.

It is unclear whether Ms Blackburn was simply careless in her tweet. As of Thursday afternoon, her tweet has not been deleted. Naturally, the commentators chided Ms. Blackburn for her confusion.

“Marsha. marsha. marsha. That’s the Declaration of Independence, NOT the Constitution,” wrote political strategist Ana Navarro-Cárdenas. Another Twitter user by the name of Julian Clark wrote that “someone who doesn’t know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence should not be involved in making laws.”

During the confirmation hearing, Ms. Blackburn also criticized “progressive education” regarding transgender rights. She asked Ms. Jackson to define the word “woman,” and when Ms. Jackson responded that she was not a biologist, the senator lashed out at more inclusive definitions of women that embrace trans people.

Ms. Blackburn responded to Ms. Jackson that “the fact that you cannot give me a straight answer on something as fundamental as what a woman is underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education we are hearing about”.

The senator drew criticism for the way she cross-examined Ms. Jackson and her focus on culture war issues rather than the judge’s qualifications to serve on the US Supreme Court.

A pair of pastors from his home state of Tennessee expressed shame for his actions. “While the majority of senators on the Judiciary Committee focused on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s qualifications and experience, our Senator Marsha Blackburn’s line of questioning was inappropriate and irrelevant, and as a Christian, a pastor and a Tennessean, I was embarrassed. his public behavior. the Rev. Brandon Berg wrote.

The revered Billy Vaughn, a retired United Methodist pastor, said Ms. Blackburn “grossly took past statements by the candidate out of context solely to make political points,” according to Fox17.

“Those points had nothing to do with either the truth of the statements or Judge Jackson’s qualifications. Contrary to Senator Blackburn’s suggestion that Justice Jackson had an ‘agenda,’ clearly the opposite was the case,” he said. “That Senator Blackburn rudely and constantly interrupted Judge Jackson as she attempted to respond to the legal and judicial issues involved suggests that the senator’s primary agenda was to create sound bites for her political base.”

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