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Selenskyj commemorates 117 children murdered in front of the Italian Parliament

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According to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, at least 117 children have already died in the Ukraine war. Selenskyj said Tuesday in a video link in front of the Italian parliament. “But 117 will not be the last number”, he warned in the transmission to the deputies of the two chambers in Rome, to which he was connected from kyiv. Referring to the Russian troops, he added: “They don’t stop killing.”

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Selenskyj recalled the suffering of the people in the Black Sea port city of Mariupol, which was particularly heavily shelled by the Russians. “Mariupol is similar in size to Genoa. Imagine that Genoa is completely destroyed,” the president said. “Ukraine is the gateway for the Russian army. She wants to go to Europe. But barbarism must not prevail!”

Russian ships should no longer be able to dock

Zelenskyj called for more sanctions against Moscow. Among other things, Russian ships, similar to the blockade of airspace for Russian planes in the EU and North America, for example, should no longer be allowed to dock in foreign ports. “You know who started the war, who ordered the bombing, who does the propaganda.” Zelenskyy appealed to Italy to freeze Russian assets and seize luxury goods like yachts. This is necessary to stop Putin. “You only have to stop one person for millions to survive.”

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