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See Who The Real-Life Couples Of The ‘War Of The Neighbors 2’ Cast Are

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Series ‘Neighbors War 2’ continues to make a splash on Netflix. Each of its chapters generates a lot of laughs, as well as moments with which more than one has identified, which is why, this production remains at the top of the most watched because of the impact caused by feeling fully identified with each exaggerated situation that arises.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the public or the devotee of this plot be very attentive to each of the details of the personal and professional life of each of its actors who give the touch of grace to this humorous story. Through their social media, many of them keep their audience up to date with their day-to-day life, as well as their romances, so here we show you who are the couples who stole the hearts of many of them.

In the case of fans of Mark Thatcher there is good news, because so far the Argentine actor is completely single, having maintained a relationship with Cecilia Galiano who claimed to have left him because she had committed an act of infidelity. So for the moment he is alone and enjoying the success that this series has given him.

But those who are in love, full and eager to keep their love intact are Estefania Coppola who plays Crista in this episode, She had initially indicated that she did not have a partner, but then she shared on social networks that She had a relationship with famous influencer Alex Casas, but he later cut her off and found another partner.

Who are the real life couples of the ‘War Wars 2’ actors?

But, she’s not the only one with a pretty public relationship, because actress Ana Layevska is known for having formed a very exemplary family alongside the famous Rodrigo Moreira with whom he has two children. It makes your role in ‘Neighbors War 2’ be very credible, because she embodies a woman who knows how to take care of the household and the children.

Another character who gave something to talk about is featured Elyfer Torres who plays Tere in the Netflix series. She fell madly in love with Polo Monárrez after his participation in the reality show ‘Así Se Baila’. While Christian Vázquez, the very flirtatious Tomás surprised everyone by declaring that his girlfriend was the well-known singer Paty Cantú with whom he has a very good relationship and who captivated his fans.

Source metroecuador.com

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