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See what the bad-tempered teacher “Tronchatoro” from “Matilda” looks like

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It’s been 25 years since it first came out ‘Mathilda’, a production that has undoubtedly marked a before and after in the entertainment industry and that returns today through the streaming service with a renewed cast, but that does not make us forget the original characters who made people laugh, cry and surprise with all the adventures embodied in them.

This is how over the years and with its New version What many remember actress Pam Perris, who at the time took over from teacher Agatha Trunchbull, better known as “Tronchatoro”. who has a very characteristic bad mood that generated fear, but at the same time created an empathy with which many still remember her and evoke that season in which, beyond becoming famous with this role, she caused an impact and continues to be remembered by the loyal fans of this story.

But, most surprisingly of all, when this storyline first came out, This outstanding actress was 48 years old and today she is already a woman, far from social networks, but not from the theater, because at 73 continues to succeed.

Find out what Pam Ferris, the feared teacher of ‘Matilda’ looks like

In ‘Mathilde’ there was a wide variety of characters, but without a doubt, the one that caused the most impact is that of Perris, who over time not only looks different, but also has another life purpose: be a little more away from the cameras to enjoy their family life. This is how in the few photos that have been posted on social networks, we can see that she does not look “as grumpy” as before and that she is ready to be happy.

Gone is the woman with a bad temper and which transmitted fear, Well, now this adult and mature woman assures that she is no longer pressured or obsessed with her work, but on the contrary, she prefers to be more and more natural and aware that she seeks to entertain her audience.

In addition, there are more and more expressions of affection from the public that he is amazed at his physical change, as it even denotes happiness, tranquility and a beauty that he did not possess before due to the grossness of his persona that went beyond even the recording set in which he reaped so much success and with which he won the affection and acceptance of the public.

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