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Sebastian Vettel: the Formula 1 star announces the end of his career

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Sebastian Vettel
Formula 1 star announces the end of his career

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Surprising news from Sebastian Vettel: The Formula 1 driver is ending his career. He announces it in a moving Instagram video.

Sebastian Vettel, 35, has made a decision: he will end his career in Formula 1 at the end of the season. It was anything but easy for him.

Sebastian Vettel explains the reasons behind his career

“I will finish my time in Formula 1 at the end of the year,” the 35-year-old explains in a black and white video on his official Instagram account, which is only a few hours old and still has more than 500. 000 A subscribers. However, before thanking many people for their support throughout his impressive career, it is important for Vettel to explain his decision in detail. He stresses that he loves motorsport and that although it is a “central part of my life”, there is also an off-track life. “I believe in this identity [eines Menschen] is not powered by what we do, but by who we are and how we treat others,” Vettel said.

“Who am I ?” Sebastian Vettel then asks rhetorically and then gives the answer himself: “I am Sebastian, father of three children and husband of a great woman. I am curious and I am quickly inspired by passionate and capable people. . Me, I am obsessed with achieving perfection I am tolerant and believe that we all have the same right to life no matter what we look like, where we come from or who we love He also reveals that his favorite color is blue, he likes the smell of fresh bread, believes in change and that every little step makes a difference. Now he wants to be “a good father and husband” and “my children are growing up […] see my values […] meditate, help them when they fall, listen to them when they need me, stop saying goodbye and be able to learn from them.”

Nevertheless, it is not yet time to “say goodbye, but thank you”, underlines Vettel and promises his fans: “I will give everything in the remaining races, as I have always done.”

Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Aston Martin expires at the end of the season and the athlete’s future has been discussed for some time. Now the four-time world champion is putting an end to the speculation himself.

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