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Scientists confirm that time on Earth passes faster

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A popular saying that has been around for many years refers to the fact that the days are getting shorter and time usually doesn’t last as long as it used to. And although at first it was believed to be an illusion or a misperception, a group of scientists have confirmed that indeed the weather in the Ground It goes faster.

However, time is so short that it is imperceptible to humans because it is only a few milliseconds apart. However, this event has experts very curious about the real reasons behind it.

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Since 1960, the International Earth Rotation and Reference System Service has been monitoring every turn our planet makes on its own axis, capturing various data on the length of days, among other details. But the information relating to the June 29 rotation of this year provided relevant information.

And it is that according to the competent agency, Earth’s rotation was 1.59 milliseconds shorter that day. It is a precedent since it is the fastest lap that has been recorded since it was monitored more than 60 years ago.

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This event has left scientists with many questions because Earth’s rotation generally tends to slow down instead of vice versa. In fact, according to The Sun portal, 27 “leap seconds” had to be added over the past 50 years to control world clocks due to this phenomenon.

And although at the moment experts are intrigued by this event, they are already beginning to formulate solutions in case this acceleration of the Earth is a constant, for example by eliminating “leap seconds”.

However, many factors can affect the Earth’s rotation speed, including climatic and geological movements, so you will have to be very vigilant from now on with these irregular changes to take competent measures in case it becomes something of a problem. frequent.

Source metroecuador.com

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