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Scholz: “Up to 80 billion per year for defense”

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To: 06/28/2022 15:13

According to Chancellor Scholz, Germany wants to invest up to 80 billion euros per year in the army in the coming years. in the ARD interview he also said he would go to the G20 summit in November, although Russia is also attending.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in the “Show your colors” interview in the ARD announced that Germany would invest “on average 70 to 80 billion euros” in the army in the coming years. This makes Germany the country in Europe that invests the most money and also has the largest conventional army. It is also important for the defense and operational capability of NATO as a whole.

“Show your colours” with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz

tagesschau24 13:00, 28.6.2022

When asked if Germany would attend the G20 summit in Indonesia next November, he said the G7 initially held back on answering the question. However, if the group did not make it to the G20 summit, it would mean a de facto cancellation of the format, and it would be “a global political mistake”. Its objective is to “preserve” the G20.

No response to engine off

For the vote in Brussels on phasing out combustion engines from 2035, Scholz avoided specifying how Germany would vote. Despite repeated requests, he only referred to the coalition agreement. It is not true that a specific proposal is on the table in Brussels, but that up to 40 different options are being discussed. But he left open the position that Germany would take.

Scholz also contradicted critics who complain that Germany is not doing enough to protect the climate. There will be more speed in the expansion of renewable energy. However, his government has just announced that it will produce more and more electricity from coal in order to save on gas. However, this is likely to increase CO2 emissions.

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