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Schlager: Stefan Mross celebrates his 33rd birthday on the stage – and also turns to his envious

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Today’s bestselling news in the GALA ticker: Stefan Mross is not satisfied with just thanking his patrons for his stage anniversary.

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July 5, 2022

Moving words for career anniversary – not just to his fans

Stefan Mross, 46, has been on stage for 33 years. On July 1, 1989, the native of Traunstein won the Austrian Folk Music Grand Prix with the title “Heimwehmelodie”. Since then, the former “child prodigy” of the trumpet has had a dazzling career. In the meantime, he enjoyed considerable success as a singer and television host. Since 2005, he regularly attracts his fans in front of the screens with the entertainment program “Immer wieder Sundays”, even in good weather. Mross is proud of his journey and is happy to share his gratitude with his community on Instagram. In doing so, he also thinks of those who give him little chance and success.

“I thank everyone who always believed in me and I also thank those who were against me,” he wrote of a photo that shows him as a boy during his big breakthrough. “Because that’s how I became who I am today. It marked me a lot for life,” says the 46-year-old, quoting a quote from his father that he still has beloved: “Envy has always been the most sincere form of recognition”. But above all, he is inspired by the support of his fans: “Thank you for all the moments spent with you on these stages of the world, from China to Rust – from Musikantenstadl to Immer wieder Sundays… And thank you to destiny for health and love…[sic]”.

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