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Save on a disability policy by contracting an early qualification

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Heilbronn (dpa/tmn) – The earlier you take out disability insurance, the cheaper the monthly contributions. According to the consumer organization Money and Consumers (GVI), some insurers can take out insurance after ten years.

She advises: “Since the insurance premium depends on the starting age and health, the conclusion should be done as soon as possible.”

There is potential for savings, in particular, if the children later want to do manual or social work: because if the policy is only taken out during training for these professions, the contributions are usually significantly higher than, for example, for apprentices business, according to the GVI.

Great savings potential throughout your working life

Even those who study art, sports or to become teachers must reckon with financial disadvantages. On the other hand, if you act early, you can save a considerable amount of money of several thousand euros over a working lifetime.

According to GVI, parents who want to purchase insurance coverage for their children while they are still in school generally must do so before they graduate from school, that is, before the certificate of completion is issued.

Secure access to the Police

The GVI points out another advantage: those who buy insurance in advance ensure access to insurance at all. Because illnesses, injuries or subsequent allergies can lead to the insurer refusing to contract. This also applies to dangerous hobbies like horseback riding or martial arts.

Even if young people are unemployed, it is not possible to take out disability insurance.

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