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Sarah Connor + Co. celebrated: Sister ‘Lulu’ says ‘Yes’ – but where was Anna-Maria Ferchichi?

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Anna Maria Ferchichi
Was she absent from her sister’s wedding?

Anna Maria Ferchichi

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“Lulu” Lewe celebrated a dream summer wedding a few days ago in the presence of her sisters Sarah Connor and Marisa and Valentina Lewe. However, none appeared in the Instagram wedding photos: Anna-Maria Ferchichi.

On July 22, 2022, Sarah Connors, 42, little sister Sophia-Luisa “Lulu” Lewe, 30, experienced one of the happiest days of her life: After an inner-circle civil marriage in late 2019, she gave her longtime partner Basti disc in a shimmering tulle dress also holding the word yes in front of friends and family.

A number of snapshots from the multi-day dream wedding were shared by guests and loved ones on Instagram. In addition to Sarah, sister Marisa, 35, and Valentina Lewe, 26, also celebrated. But where had the number four of the band of sisters gone: Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40 years old?

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Wasn’t she invited to her sister’s “Lulu” wedding?

The Lewe sisters really let loose at a lake in the countryside, surrounded by historic buildings and probably on the outskirts of Berlin. After a wonderful summer wedding, “Lulu”, her husband Basti, Valentina, Marisa and other guests even went to Berlin’s techno club Berghain for a wedding afterparty on the fourth day. This is proven by more photos on Instagram. Especially in the wedding photos of the big “Lulus” day, Anna-Maria was not in sight.

It takes her followers through her day on Instagram almost every day – including July 22. She showed up with her husband Bushido, 43, in the car and with her triplets in the living room of her home in Berlin. Impressions of the “Lulus” wedding were missing, also the next day, July 23.

Where was Brother Robin?

What’s also notable: Brother Robin Lewe, 34, who regularly appears in Anna-Maria’s Instagram Stories and occasionally takes care of his nieces and nephews as an uncle, was also not on the wedding photos, unlike her sisters Sarah, Marisa and Valentina see. Wasn’t he invited as a guest? Or did he and Anna-Maria just not want to be photographed? Certainly, the Lewe siblings still threw a nice party in complete privacy.

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