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Sarah Al Amiri: The UAE has witnessed remarkable progress in terms of empowering women

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Sarah Bint Youssef Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates, highlighted the importance of activating the role of women’s skills in employing advanced technology to shape and design the future.

This came in a panel discussion entitled “How do governments improve the role of women in the technology sector?” Within the framework of the “Women in Government Forum” organized by the World Government Summit 2022.

Sarah Menker, founder and CEO of GRO Intelligence, participated in the session, highlighting the importance of promoting the diversity of knowledge and skills and enabling the process of technological progress and scientific discovery, thus contributing to enhancing the participation of women and their role in government work and charting future directions to support the global development process.

The session, moderated by Saeed Al Gergawi, Director of the Dubai Future Academy at the Dubai Future Foundation, discussed best government practices that support women’s contributions to technological progress.

Sarah Al Amiri said: “The UAE has witnessed remarkable progress in terms of empowering women, as it has achieved gender equality in the technology, research, math and science sectors, which together represent strong drivers for wheel of social and economic development.”, pointing out that diversity, by accelerating the pace of technological progress, emerges as a basis for the development of science and technology and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

He added: “Developing clear development mechanisms is an important step in enabling diversity and encouraging women to enter the world of scientific research and technological progress, as the UAE focuses its efforts on understanding challenges and developing solutions.” innovative companies that keep up with their current and future aspirations, while disseminating their successful experiences regionally and globally”.

She noted that the UAE government wants to put forward a roadmap for companies to adopt technology, stimulate talent acquisition, develop skills and guide the new generation of women to assume influential leadership positions in shaping the future of the technology.

For her part, Sarah Menker highlighted the importance of achieving diversity to accelerate the pace of technological progress, noting that the most important challenges facing the advancement of women in the field of technology are financing, which emerges as a great challenge to empower women to participate in technology. -Related businesses.

She said: “The absence of a clear business model represents another challenge that requires intensifying government efforts to provide specific and stimulating mechanisms for women’s skills in the field of technology and science, which represent the backbone of the progress and development. The media play a fundamental role”. supporting role for governments to empower the role of women in technology, as it contributes to changing image stereotypes by highlighting successful female role models in cyberspace to inspire the new generation of women to walk the path of technological excellence , and effectively contribute to accelerating the pace of progress into the future, especially given the tendency of companies to adopt advanced technology in the post-Covid-19 stage. .”

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