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Samuel L. Jackson: The Secret of 41 Years of Marriage


samuel l jackson73, American actor, and his wife, American actress Tanya Richardson Jackson, 72, are successful revolutionaries. In an interview with the Peoplemagazine, the two opened up about the secret of their long marriage: They’ve been married for 41 years. “In the beginning we always said that staying together is the most revolutionary thing that black people can do (…) because everyone likes to pretend that it is not like that with African-American families. As if they were just children who came from being raised by mothers, which is wrong,” said LaTanya Richardson Jackson. To change this narrative, they made a pact: always stay together, no matter what.

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Franziska Giffey, 43, mayor of Berlin, has a direct connection with the people. Anyway, he sometimes gets work information from his son. “Recently in German class, there was a discussion about whether masks should still be worn in class,” the SPD politician said. brightly colored. “He took it upon himself to tell me that the majority is in favor.” Does that bother her son? “Oh, he’s twelve now, he doesn’t know any other way and he carries it with composure.”

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Meta Hiltebrand, 38, a Swiss television chef, suffers from an unusual phobia: he can’t stand someone peeling a banana in his presence, as he said in an interview with Südwestrundfunk. “If someone unwraps a banana near me, I walk out of the room,” Hiltebrand said. She then has an oppressive feeling, nausea, she is completely in a daze and can no longer speak. You just can’t stand the smell. “I have no idea where she came from, but I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.” Therefore, she does not prepare desserts with bananas, she would refuse. Bananas, on the other hand, are fine.

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Ruslana, 48, a Ukrainian singer, sees no alternative to Russia’s exclusion from the Eurovision Song Contest due to the invasion of Ukraine. “As long as Vladimir Putin controls Russia, the country will never participate in anything again,” said the winner of the ESC 2004 (“Wild Dances”) of the German Press Agency. The “aggressor country” has no “moral right” to participate in the events of a peaceful world. Ruslana supported the 2004 and 2013/2014 pro-Western protest movements in Kyiv.


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