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Samsung: These popular Galaxy smartphones will soon have one less camera

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Jul 25, 2022 @ 2:39pm

Samsung is saving on hardware: instead of four cameras, some Galaxy models will have three rear lenses in the future – this camera is no longer available.

More is not always better: Koreans soon want to install fewer cameras in their Galaxy smartphones – at least in the best-selling A-series. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • Samsung is reducing the number of cameras in its Galaxy A series of smartphones.
  • The Galaxy A24, A34 and A54 models will only have three cameras on the back.
  • The additional DepthVision camera will likely be removed.

Samsung intends to install fewer cameras in its mid-range Galaxy A series smartphones in the future. One of the four rear cameras will be removed – as a result, the next Galaxy A24, A34 and A54 models will have to make do with three lenses in the camera block.

According to this South Korean industry media “The Elec” the DepthVision camera is to be removed, which is mainly used as an assistant camera for portraits and 3D images. While the Galaxy A23, A33 and A53 models still pack four cameras, the “gimmick”, which the industry says is little used, will no longer be there in the future.

The three new models in Samsung’s Galaxy A series will each have a 48-50MP main camera, an ultra-wide angle between 5-8MP, and a 5MP macro lens. Samsung also wants to improve the quality of these.

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