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Saharan dust in southern Germany

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Stuttgart (dpa) – Dust from the Sahara has been causing a play of colors in the sky over southern Germany since Tuesday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), all of Baden-Württemberg is affected.

Southwesterly winds also blew desert sand into Lower and Upper Bavaria on Tuesday and bathed Munich and the Alps in brown or orange light. Even on Thursday, the dust from the Sahara might not have disappeared.

As the name suggests, Saharan dust comes from the Sahara, according to the DWD. The dust came mainly from an area south of the Atlas Mountains and southwest of them. According to the DWD, Saharan dust occurs much more frequently in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter. “We certainly count up to 50, 60 mostly smaller events per year in Germany. Most of them are not noticeable,” the DWD said. But this time it is different.

Light precipitation leads to a “rain of blood” in the weather, which washes away the desert sand. The water then turns brown. So the sand becomes visible on cars or garden furniture, for example. According to the DWD, the concentration of Saharan dust should decrease significantly by Friday.

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