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Sacyr, awarded by ACES Europe for its Healthy Sacyr program

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The program Healthy Sacyr has been awarded today with the award European Sport and Healthy Company awarded by ACES Europe. This recognition was delivered at a ceremony held in Turin (Italy) and in which the cities of The Hague (Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain) had a special role as European and world capital, respectively, of sport.

Sacyr’s recognition rewards the policies deployed by the company to promote healthy lifestyles among its employees, in line with the objectives of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, which position it as a sustainable, diverse company and a benchmark for workplace well-being.

The physical and psychosocial health of our workers is a very important part of our strategy, the key objective of which is to achieve a healthy workforce, in the broadest sense of the word”, stressed Ángel Prieto, corporate manager of Health and Safety, after receiving the award. .

Employee Initiatives

The Sacyr Healthy initiative, which was submitted to the competition in November 2021, includes a series of activities carried out by the Health and Safety Department, the Sacyr Sports Club and Cafestore. Among them, the Oh Europe challenge, content for healthy nutrition and emotional well-being or the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction campaign can be highlighted.

As an award-winning company, the Technical Committee will monitor the project during the three years following the award ceremony. Likewise, Sacyr will be able to send its new initiatives related to health and sport for the evaluation committee to analyze and provide new recommendations.

The awards for the International Healthy and Sports Company have been awarded since 2016 and in previous years the Awarded Companies have been El Pozo, VW México or ALSA.

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