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Russian Ambassador to Italy sues newspaper for “asking for Putin’s liquidation”

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Russia’s ambassador to Rome, Sergey Razov, filed a complaint against La Stampa newspaper after it published an editorial titled “What if Putin’s assassination was the only way to end the war in Ukraine?”
In an article published on February 22, journalist and war correspondent Domenico Quirico wrote: “Given that military intervention is unlikely and a diplomatic solution is ineffective, only the hypothesis of Caesar’s assassination by someone close to him remains.”

“The first plan of Biden, NATO and the Europeans is for someone in Moscow to assassinate Putin and relieve us of this burden,” he said.

But the war correspondent, who was kidnapped twice in Libya in 2011 and in Syria in 2013, concludes: “Are we sure that the tyrant’s liquidation will not lead to greater chaos? We can only be pessimistic.”

The Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, filed a complaint with the Rome Prosecutor’s Office on charges of incitement to murder. As he left the Palace of Justice, the diplomat denounced the article, saying that “it violates morality, good customs and the rules of the practice of journalism.”

In response to his question, the manager of La Stampa rejected “unsubstantiated accusations.”

Massimo Giannini said: “Domenico presented this theory to divert it from the moral question. He wrote that the cure would be worse than the disease because it could exacerbate the spirit of revenge in deep Russia.”

He highlighted his refusal to “receive lessons from those who process information in the way we know in their countries. It is not the Russian ambassador who can teach us the profession of journalist.”

La Stampa garnered the support of several political parties, and the Italian Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Benedetto della Vidova, defended “the freedom of Italian journalists to write and practice their profession.”

“This is the essential difference between Italy, Europe, the liberal democracies and Putin’s Russia, where citizens are arrested just because they call things by their name,” he said on Twitter.


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