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Russia says allegations about plans to annex parts of Ukraine are ‘fundamentally false’


Moscow stresses that “the population of the liberated areas will independently decide their future”


Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday branded US claims about Moscow’s plans to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine as “fundamentally false” and said they are working to “bring peace back to the liberated territories.”

“The claims about the aggressive nature of the Russian special military operation are fundamentally false. We are bringing peace back to the liberated areas, creating conditions for normal life and respecting the rights of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or language,” he said. the Embassy of Russia in the United States said.

“Russia’s leadership has repeatedly said that the people of the Liberated Territories will decide their future independently,” he said in a message on his Telegram account, before stressing that the United States’ “insinuations” are “further confirmation from Washington’s Desire to do so Keep the conflict hot for as long as possible.

Thus, he argued that “command circles in the United States are moved not by concern for the Ukrainians, but by the desire to inflict maximum damage on Russia.” “Our country will continue to work vigorously to build peaceful life in the liberated countries and carry out all the tasks of the military special operation,” he said.

The Russian embassy in the United States has vowed that “the whole country has risen to help the affected settlements”. “Infrastructure, housing and social facilities are being actively restored. Thousands of specialists are involved in the process. By the end of the year, about 500 kilometers of roads and bridges should be built in Donbass,” he added.

In conclusion, he stressed that “the delivery of humanitarian aid does not stop” and stated that “to date, more than 45,000 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to Ukraine, Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic”. “How does that relate to the concept of annexation?” he asked.

The statement came a day after Pentagon spokesman John Kirby warned that the White House had “sufficient evidence” that Russia was fully annexing the Ukrainian lands it already controls. As a result, he said the Kremlin was “illegitimate Officials in these regions Ukraine is already under their control to organize “fake referendums” on these territories joining Russia.

In this way, he emphasized that Moscow intends to promote these referendums in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, and in particular in the Donbass regions of Donestk and Lugansk. Kirby stressed that this is nothing new for Russia, as its President Vladimir Putin used the “annexation playbook” to annex Crimea to Russian territory back in 2014.


Source europapress.es

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