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RTL program with Martin Rütter: Dog dies after bite attack

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In the RTL program “Die Unvermittelbare” there was a fatal accident while walking with a Saint Bernard. Worst case scenario for dog trainer Martin Rütter.

Martin Rütter usually knows how to deal with difficult dogs. But not even he saw the fatal accident with the Saint Bernard mouse coming. (Image: Getty Images)

Giving problem dogs a second chance: RTL’s show “Die Unvermittelbare” has made this a laudable goal. In the show, trainer Martin Rütter (51) supports abandoned and therefore difficult dogs. When a dog is aggressive, it’s usually a human’s fault. So also with the Saint Bernard mouse. I like online magazine prodigy reported, Mäuschen was neglected throughout his life and kept in a kennel. When he arrived at the shelter, he was gaunt and neglected.

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Little Mouse should finally get a second chance with the couple Sandra and Thiemo. But of course, they both knew that the 150-pound dog was also a big challenge for them. On the show, Rütter’s colleague Ellen warned the pair about the power of the otherwise peaceful dog, which can suddenly and unexpectedly lunge forward when she wants to chase away another dog.

Worst case scenario has happened

And unfortunately that’s how it happened. On a walk, Mäuschen and his new owner Thiemo came across a smaller dog, which was attacked by Mäuschen. The scenes cannot be seen in the program. The dog’s owner, Thiemo, takes the blame. At that time, he believes that he did not lead Mäuschen as one should.

at instagram post: The story of Mäuschen is told in the RTL program “Die Unvermittelbare”.

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Rütter, on the other hand, says that this was a chain of unfortunate circumstances. He explains out loud the behavior of the little mouse. Fast like this: “The little mouse is not that well socialized, he can’t judge dogs and he attacked a small dog in the park and grabbed him. And this dog actually died of his injuries.” However, this is of course the worst case scenario and should never happen again. For this reason, the little mouse should always wear a muzzle when he goes for a walk outdoors, as Rütter emphasizes.

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By the way, the owner of the murdered dog showed sympathy for the mice. Although he is very sad, he still thinks that it is good that dogs like him get a second chance. Sandra and Thiemo also decided to stay with Mäuschen anyway.

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