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Routes closed by the Giro d’Italia in Ecuador: Times and since when they will be in Quito

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The Giro d’Italia in Ecuador will take place in Quito from this Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July 2022 and for this more than 600 road closures will be put in place. Well, the route will include several points in the city with routes of 40, 90 and 150 kilometers, depending on the Municipality of Quito.

1,721 agents from the Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT) will carry out checks, surveillance, closures and detours thanks to a mobility plan. Then know the road closures from this Friday:

friday july 29

There are no planned closures. Traffic control will be carried out in the vicinity of Bicentennial Park, north of Quito. If necessary, controlled vehicle restrictions will be applied.

Saturday July 30

For the assembly of the fence and the structure there will be a closure. It will be from 8:00 p.m. on Saturday July 30 until 7:00 p.m. on Sunday July 31. It will be closed to car traffic on Amazonas Avenue, from RĂ­o Topo Street to De la Prensa Avenue, in the south-north direction.

Sunday July 31

From 05:00, more than 600 closures will be carried out which will include sectors of the north, the valley and the north central of the capital. Participants will depart from Bicentennial Park on Amazonas and HolguĂ­n Avenues and return to the same point. Courses will be activated as the competition progresses.

Roads and Roads Closed

They will include the following streets and avenues: De La Prensa, América, Luis Mosquera Narváez, Gaspar de Carvajal, La Gasca, Enrique Ritter, José Berrutieta, Antonio Herrera, Humberto Albornoz, Mariscal Sucre, Redondel del Condado, Diego de Vásquez, Carcelén interchange , Panamericana Norte, Collas, Alpachaca Corridor, E 35, Pifo Roundabout, Jamil Mahuad, C.2, Caldas, Pintag Central Park, Riofrío, Antisana, Oswaldo Guayasamín, Ruta Viva, Lumbisí Step, Oswaldo Guayasamín Tunnel,, Shyris, Eloy Alfaro, República, Amazonas, Bicentennial Park.

enabled routes

Drivers during the event will have the following alternate routes:


  • Av. De La Prensa direction south-north of La Florida until the Condado roundabout.
  • Av. AmĂ©rica heading south-north from the University at the ‘Y’ interchange.
  • Calle Enrique Ritter, in both directions from Av. University at Diego Zorrilla Street.
  • Humberto Albornoz Street, from Ignacio de Quezada to Alejandro de Valdez Street.
  • Av. Mariscal Sucre, heading north-south, from the De los Caracoles interchange to Av. University.
  • Av. Diego de Vásquez, going north-south, from the CarcelĂ©n interchange to Av. Marshal Sucre.
  • Av. Panamericana Norte, north-south direction, from Km 0 to the CarcelĂ©n interchange.
  • Av. Eloy Alfaro, in both directions, from the CarcelĂ©n interchange to Av. August 10.
  • Av. 6 de Diciembre, in both directions, from Av. Tarqui at Galo Plaza Lasso.
  • Av. Galo Plaza Lasso, going south-north (right lanes), from the El Labrador interchange to the CarcelĂ©n interchange.


  • Alpachaca connector, south-north direction.
  • Av. Oswaldo GuayasamĂ­n, in both directions, from Julio Tobar GarcĂ­a Street (entrance to Puembo) to Siena Street.
  • Ruta Viva, from Quito to the airport.
  • LumbisĂ­ Step, from the LumbisĂ­ roundabout (Av. Oswaldo GuayasamĂ­n) to Ruta Viva.


  • Av. De los Shyris, from Av. Republic of El Salvador until December 6.
  • Av. Gaspar de Villarroel, from rue Japan to Av. Eloy Alfaro.
  • Av. Amazonas, from Mariana de JesĂşs to the Homeland.
  • Av. December 6, in both directions.

simon bolivar

On Sunday, July 31, it will operate as follows:

  • Hall: Panamericana Norte, CarcelĂ©n interchange, at Eloy Alfaro (terminal entrance).
  • Departures: Three routes were planned:
  1. Calacalí -La Independencia: Carcelén interchange, av. Galo Plaza Lasso (terminal exit), Diego de Vásquez, departmental roundabout, Córdova Galarza.
  2. South of the country – Quitumbe terminal: CarcelĂ©n interchange, av. Eloy Alfaro (terminal exit), Palm trees to exit av. Simon BolĂ­var.
  3. In the north of the country, Carcelén interchange, then Eloy Alfaro avenues (exit terminal) De las Palmeras, Simón Bolívar, Ruta Viva, Oswaldo Guayasamín, to exit on the E-35.

Directions to Mariscal Sucre Airport

  • Entrance: Av. SimĂłn BolĂ­var, Ruta Viva, Av. Oswaldo GuayasamĂ­n, E35, Alpachaca connector, airport.
  • From Cayambe or Quinche by the E-35, Alpachaca connector, airport.
  • Departure: Ruta Collas, Panamericana Norte and SimĂłn BolĂ­var.

Source metroecuador.com

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