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“Ross Against War” .. Rap ​​concerts for Ukraine

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Hundreds of Russians queued outside a club in Istanbul to see rapper Oksimiron, who shook the world of Russian celebrities with his comments.

The 37-year-old singer, whose real name is Myron Fedorov, has postponed concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg due to the Russian operation, which he called a “disaster and crime”.

Russia describes its actions in Ukraine as a “special operation” and says it is not aimed at occupying territory.

Since then, Oksimiron has announced a series of benefit concerts under the banner “Ross Against War”, the proceeds of which will be donated to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

About 400 partygoers chanted “No war!” In Russian as they wait to get into the packed party venue.

“At the moment, it is impossible to hold an anti-war concert inside Russia because, as crazy as it sounds, everything that is against the war is prohibited… There is total censorship,” Oksimiron said in a video clip last week. spent announcing the series. ‘ first concert in Istanbul.

Tickets for Oksimiron’s concert on Tuesday were sold out, and the concert was also broadcast live on his social media accounts and YouTube, through which he was followed by more than forty thousand people.

On the ground, a Franco-Irish cameraman and a Ukrainian television producer working for “Fox News” were killed in a shootout near kyiv, the US news network reported on Tuesday.

In a statement, the executive director of Fox News, Susan Scott, confirmed the death of cameraman Pierre Zakrzyevsky and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kovchinova, and the injuries of their colleagues, Benjamin Hall, when the vehicle in which they were traveling was hit by gunfire in Hornica, near kyiv. , on Monday.

Scott noted that Hall, a British correspondent for the Foreign Office network, is still in a hospital in Ukraine.

Zakrzewski, 55, who has dual Irish and French citizenship, has been covering the war in Ukraine since it began in February, and his main place of work is London.

One of his relatives described him in an interview with AFP as “a warm-hearted traveler who initiates beautiful encounters. He was humble and human and did not lose his sensitivity over the years,” adding that he “helped find shelter for a baby.” . that he was found after the bombing.”

She said she knew Pakistan and India up close and took “great photos, especially of the Kashmir conflict,” as well as having long experience in Afghanistan, where she covered the war against the Soviets until the return of the Taliban.

“Fox News” reported that Zakrzewski played a “key role” in expelling Afghan journalists who were running the network from the country with their families after the US withdrawal.

Scott said “Pierre was a war photographer who covered just about every international news story for Fox News from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria during his long time working with us,” noting that “his passion and talent as a journalist are unparalleled.”

Last December, Fox News presented Zakrzewski with an award in recognition of his work during its annual Spotlight Awards for employees.

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