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Ronja von Rönne: “Don’t spend your weekends like me!”

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On weekends, Ronja von Rönne likes to cook “fake Afghan”. She on the podcast talks about her first three dates with her husband and why she refuses to eat breakfast.

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the Writer and moderator Ronja von Rönne is a guest on episode 38 of And what do you do on the weekend?

His bestseller was published that year. end in sightHe has been presenting the program for five years. street philosophy in art and on weekends she likes to cook just as “fake Afghan” as she learned from her mother – she reveals the recipe in the podcast. In any case, in the morning she is glad that it is her husband Ben who wakes her up next to her, then first smokes a cigarette and drinks black coffee: “I usually refuse to eat breakfast.” She tells the weekend’s hosting team, Ilona Hartmann and Christoph Amend, about her first three dates with her husband, she’s suddenly not sure if they had an engagement party, and reveals which books her. they have molded Oh yeah, she has a message too: “Don’t spend your weekends like me!”

For the weekend, Ilona, ​​​​Christoph and Ronja recommend in this episode, among other things:

  • take a bath

  • call grandma

  • the song The losers

  • the book night berries by Elina Penner

  • half the world by Andreas Steinhoefeld

  • krabat by Otfried Preussler

  • A complicated act of love by Miriam Toews

You can contact the team at [email protected] Do you want to know what Anke Engelke, Ayumi Paul or David Hasselhoff do at the weekend? All episodes of this podcast can be found here.

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