Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Fun faux pas with Romina Palm and Stefano Zarrella +++ Gülcan Kamps talks about “Baby Number 2” +++ Iris Abel has lost a loved one.

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July 20, 2022

Funny misadventure with Romina Palm and Stefano Zarrella

Oops! A romantic moment between model Romina Palm, 23, and her boyfriend Stefano Zarrella, 31, turned into a funny misstep. Both now share this moment with their fans on Instagram.

As the couple try to cuddle and run away hand in hand against the backdrop of the breathtaking sea, the culinary influencer stumbles and lands on their stomachs. His beloved then looks a little confused into the camera. She probably wasn’t expecting this funny and spontaneous “slip”.

July 19, 2022

Gülcan Kamps makes a significant announcement on Instagram

In December 2021, Gülcan Kamps, 39, became a mother for the first time, and since then she has been enjoying her new life as a mother to the fullest. With a current Instagram post, the moderator is now speculating about a second pregnancy. For a photo in which she holds a pink curtain behind her, the 39-year-old writes the meaningful words “Curtain up for baby number 2.” At this time, Kamps is not revealing to his followers what exactly is behind it. So much: In the fall, she wants to say more. Whether “Baby Number 2” is actually a new offspring or even a new project remains open until then.

It was not until July 15, 2022 that Gülcan Kamps told the program “Nachtcafé” about his long unfulfilled desire to have children. “You think in the situation where everyone around you will have 25 children and you’re just waiting for this great happiness and of course it’s full of hope and of course also sad times.” It will soon become clear whether she and husband Sebastian Kamps, 40, will become parents again.

July 18, 2022

Iris Abel reports with emotional lines on Instagram

Over the past few weeks, Iris Abel’s Instagram account has been surprisingly quiet, now the ‘Bauer sucht Frau’ star is back with moving words. On a black tile, Iris writes: “When death returns to your family and especially to your generation, you see how fragile life is and I wonder how long I could live. If I ever die or am I facing a long ordeal or am I rotting in a nursing home where no one takes care of me? We lost the generation before us to cancer, ALS, heart attacks, sudden death and suicide and sometimes had to accompany them through endless trials. And we had to stay strong Now the nightmare starts again But this time we’re the ones on the other side [sic].” Apparently, someone close to Iris’ environment has died, which is underlined by the hashtags “trauer”, “family” and “cancer”.

Iris also points out that Uwe is “the most precious thing in life” to her and that she “wishes I could grow old reasonably healthy with him in peace. Because I couldn’t live without him.” Finally, the face of the television is full of hope and writes: “My happiness is the love of my life, my beloved animals and my home. I pray every day that everything will remain so for a long time. After the rain comes the sun and after the sun follows Rain.” Her fans are visibly touched by her touching lines and express their condolences to Iris in the comments column.

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