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“Rock in Rio Lisboa” shines again in its first weekend after the pandemic

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LISBON, June 20 (from Europa Press Special Envoy Michelle Ortega) –

“Rock in Rio Lisbon” has come back strong. The festival has brought together tens of thousands of people in its first weekend after a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic, a comeback in style crowned by Muse’s epic live performance on Saturday and dance music on Sunday black Eyed Peas and Ivete Sangalo.

The reunion of the festival with the audience took place on June 18th and 19th in Bela Vista Parkconverted into an entire amusement park with various entertainment areas but one main attraction, the imposing World Stage, which has hosted almost eight hours of music every day by the main poster artists.

It peaked among Americans on Sunday, a day when around 63,000 people paraded through the City of Rock, according to the organization Black Eyed Peas, this offered about 1 hour and 30 minutes of old and new songs that almost the entire planet danced and sang to at parties.

Will.I.Am Apl.de.Ap and Taboo So they entered the world stage, accompanied by singer J. Rey Soul, who has been performing with the group since 2018, replacing Fergie, who left the group in 2017. With “Let’s get it started” they opened a concert in which they played great anthems like “Pump it” but lacked many others, as well as a more powerful sound.

However, the audience, who knew almost all the songs, also responded to his hits with less traveling and closer to reggaeton and EDM, like “Ritmo” and “Mamacita”. Will.I.Am., who sang solo songs like “Scream and Shout,” devoted himself to live streaming virtually the entire concert on Instagram from the stage.

The Black Eyed Peas continued their show with “Don’t stop the party” and “The time” which produced one of the greatest moments of euphoria. So the group continued with the exciting “Where’s the love?” that Will. Yo soy. He opened by recalling that he played at the festival in 2004 and shared the bill with Britney Spears. He took the opportunity to celebrate the “freedom” that the artist now lives.

When ‘I gotta Feeling’ began to play, the end of a concert was already announced, which reached its climax with the beginning of this song. “Because I have a feeling. That tonight’s going to be a good night,” the audience sang, although they lost enthusiasm as the song slowed. Also, the group decided to perform their newly released song “Don’t You Worry” featuring Shakira and David Guetta amidst this theme.

Before the first festival weekend ended with this concert, British artist Ellie Goulding also performed on the Mundo stage. With pop and alone, without a dance troupe, he encouraged a smaller audience in numbers than Americans with songs like “Love me like you do.”

On Sunday, the female voice of the Brazilian Ivete Sangalo, protagonist of the world stage at the end of the afternoon, just before Goulding, dominated. Popular with the Portuguese, she and her dance team created a whirlwind on stage with songs like “Sorte grande” or “Festa” that swept from side to side. The Brazilian was preceded by the Portuguese David Carreira, who also brought dance songs to the stage.


Likewise, Rock in Rio offered its audience an incomparable Saturday marked by a great concert by Muse. According to the organization, about 74,000 people visited the City of Rock that day.

The drops started falling about 20 minutes into his performance, the most anticipated of the day and probably the festival. The water prompted some of those in attendance to leave the esplanade in front of the tables, but there were more who endured and saw a plus in direction in the rain.

Matt Bellamy (singer and guitarist), Christopher Wolstenholme (bassist) and Dominic Howard (drums) stormed the stage of rock in Rio Lisboa, which they have conquered in four editions, with their new song “Will of the People”, which is also there is named after his ninth studio album, which is due out on August 26th. The first moment of general euphoria from the audience came with “Hysteria”, followed by “Uprising”, “Time is running out”, “Plug in Baby” or “Starlight”, all of which played strongly and were accompanied by the applause and choruses of the audience .

With a stage design and light show at the height of the British trio’s electronic rock, the concert also raised the level thanks to the streamers, confetti or fire that came off the stage at key moments. Meanwhile, Bellamy paced the tables from side to side, driving everyone insane.

The millimeter-perfect show reached its climax when, after exiting the stage, the trio returned for two more songs to cheers from the audience. Along with them appeared the iconic robot “Murph”, a giant character depicting the robot from the video clip of “The Dark Side”. So the songs “Kill or be kill” and “Knights of Cydonia” rang out in the City of Rock, along with fireworks that marked the end of the night.

Previously, Mundo The National had taken the stage, performing to a very large audience and performing some of their classics such as ‘Mr. November’ or ‘Terrible love’, as well as ‘Graceless’.

Another classic liam gallagher, also played on the Saturday of the festival. The British singer presented several of his songs released as a soloist to the audience, which was received without much emotion as most of those present were waiting for the Oasis anthems. Towards the end of his performance, “Wonderwall” was played, sung to the fullest by thousands of souls who prostrated in front of the stage.

On the same Saturday, the world stage was inaugurated by the Portuguese rock group Xutos & Pontapés, who performed more than a dozen songs such as “Fim de semana” or “Homem do leme”.


On the other hand, the Spanish bands IZAL and Miss Caffeina confirmed Spanish indie pop with their concerts on the Galp Music Valley stage, a non-stop music space that hosted about twenty performances and DJ sessions throughout the weekend.

With a very modest audience, on Saturday Izal brought his well-known “Copacabana”, “La mujer de verde” or “Mi Pequeña Gran Revolución” to this room, adding new songs from his album “Hogar” which is the title of the tour in the one where they meet and that will be the last one for now because at the end the band will indefinitely quit.

It was Miss Caffeina’s turn on Sunday. The band accompanied the audience in the afternoon to the rhythm of songs like the mythical “Mira como Flug”

Also standing out at the Galp Music Valley were the performances by the group The Black Mamba on Saturday, which represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, and on Sunday by the Portuguese singer Iza and her tireless dance team.


Beyond the concerts on these stages, the festival offered visitors an experience typical of an amusement park, including a themed Ferris wheel and a zip line that allowed users to cross the esplanade in front of the world stage from side to side see. .

With dozens of bars and food vendors, just as many other stages hosted music shows, dance shows, podcasts, and even Tik-Tok choreographies as did the digital stage. Quiet zones and games, as well as karaoke or make-up rooms, completed the Rock in Rio experience, which can be repeated next weekend, June 25th and 26th.

Duran Duran, A-ha, Anitta or Jason Derulo will spend these days on the main stage of the festival, which is thus recovering from the pandemic.

Source europapress.es

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