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Robles urges communities ‘not to haggle’ on fire safety: ‘An investment effort is missed’

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Defense Secretary Margarita Robles has urged the Autonomous Communities, particularly those that have experienced the largest fires this year, “not to haggle over material or human resources” for fire protection “because an important investment effort is missed.”

Thus, during a visit to the facilities of the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base, the minister recalled that the work of prevention corresponds to these communities and that both the UME (Military Emergency Unit) and the 43 The Armed Forces come, ” when the fires have already started”.

“There must be lessons learned from this in a situation of very obvious and severe climate change, and the relevant authorities must strive to prevent fires without haggling over means to prevent the fire from spreading at this rate,” he said Robles, who has done so, stressed the importance of high temperatures in “a very harsh summer with two unprecedented heatwaves since 2017”.

The minister explained that so far more than 1,000 soldiers have been displaced to places with fires where they have been working “in difficult weather conditions”. Robles has pointed to some hard-hit areas that still have active fires, such as Tenerife or Castilla y León (with Zamora as the “hardest-hit” province).

“The UME arrives at the sites when it is activated, it cannot arrive when it wants and how it wants. Therefore, I would like to ask the Autonomous Communities not to talk so much about the fire when it occurs, but to focus on prevention work because an important investment effort is missing,” he lamented.

Referring specifically to the UME and the 43rd Group, he pointed out that “there are no negotiations” on material and human resources, and he recalls that “when talking about increasing the defense budget, these units are also included “. He has also asked for “consequences” to be drawn from the fires, which are occurring “in a very obvious and harsh climate change situation.”

“I appeal in a very special way to all the competent Autonomous Communities and especially to those who have experienced the biggest fires this year, so that they do not haggle: we are talking about lives, people who lose all their possessions and all this causes enormous suffering ahead”, repeated the minister after showing “all the pain” for these losses and congratulating the work of the emergency teams.

The Minister was received by Lieutenant General Fernando de la
Cruz Caravaca, Commander-in-Chief of the CAOC TJ, whom he congratulated
for the day of Santiago, the patron saint of Spain.

The general then introduced the unit
in the operating room, where he explained this to the minister
Activities carried out by this center within the framework of its two
Main tasks, namely surveillance of the airspace
Southern Europe and contribute to the establishment of a command center
Air Joint for dealing with crisis situations, in case


Source europapress.es

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