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Roads closed on June 17 due to protests in Ecuador

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This Friday, June 17, new road closures are recorded due to the intense protests taking place in Ecuador this June 13.

The Metropolitan Transit Agency and ECU 911 reported on road conditions, which are constantly changing due to the protests, so openings can last a few minutes:

Road closures:

  • Maldonado Ave.
  • San Miguel del Comun – Oyacoto
  • Guangopolo toll area
  • Gualo Tower
  • Interoceanic Avenue.
  • Live Route Caupicho Sector
  • Avenue Simon Bolívar
  • Historical Center
  • intervals
  • Rumiñahui General Highway

Currently, at km 11 of the Ruta Viva, the two right lanes are activated. Protesters allow passage for periods, take precautions.

Sector of San Miguel del Comun in the east-west direction, the right lane remains closed. .

  • [06:49] At the moment the av. Simón Bolívar at the height of the general Rumiñahui highway.

A closure is currently recorded at the Gualo roundabout, in the south-north direction. Take alternative routes:

  • Avenue Simon Bolívar
  • Zambiza Roundabout
  • Las Palmeras Avenue
  • Av. Eloy Alfaro

Currently in the Gualo sector, on Av. simon bolivar

[06:12] Road closures at the moment in the Quitumbe sector.

  • Av. Maldonado and Patricio Romero Barberis
  • Av. Maldonado – Cutuglagua
  • Av. Maldonado and S60
  • Av. Maldonado and S59
  • Av. Maldonado and S44
  • Av. Maldonado and Julio Andrade
  • A V. Maldonado
  • Sector San Miguel del Comun – Oyacoto
  • Guangopolo toll area
  • Sector El Quinche
  • Sector Ciudadela Historic Center of Ibarra
  • Guayaquil and Mejia
  • Guayaquil and Chile
  • Guayaquil and Mirror
  • Guayaquil and Sucre
  • Guayaquil and Bolivar
  • Venezuela and Bolívar
  • Venezuela and Mejia
  • Garcia Moreno and Bolivar
  • Garcia Moreno and Mejia
  • Benalcazar and Chile
  • Benalcazar and Mejia

[06:55] If your destination is the Airport, here are the alternative routes: Collas Route and Airport.

The only partially activated road is: Panamericana Norte (partial passage of San Miguel de Comun in both directions)

Quito – Machachi: CLOSED due to overcrowding.

Alóag – Santo Domingo: CLOSED due to crowds at km 5.

Guayllabamba – Cusubamba: ENABLED

Intervals- Ruta Viva CLOSED due to the agglomeration of people in the Toglla sector.

Cusubamba- Cayambe CLOSED entrance to Cangahua due to crowding.

Guayllabamba – Calderón: PARTIALLY ACTIVATED due to the agglomeration of people in San Miguel del Comun.

Tabacundo – Cajas: CLOSED due to overcrowding.

Quito – Calacali: ENABLED

Calacalí – Nanegalito: ENABLED

Nanegalito – San Miguel de los Bancos: ENABLED

San Miguel de Los Bancos – Puerto Quito: ENABLED

San Miguel de los Bancos – Las Mercedes: ENABLED

Quito – Pifo: ENABLED

Pifo – Papallacta: ENABLED

Papallacta – Y de Baeza: ENABLED

And Narupa – Loreto – Coca – Lago Agrio. ENABLED

El Chaco – Lago Agrio CLOSED due to the loss of a section of the road table in the San Luis-Reventador sector, alternative routes: Y de Baeza- Y de Narupa – Loreto – Coca.

Via Coca – Tena – Y de Narupa: ENABLED

And of Narupa – Loreto ENABLED

Puerto Napo-Puyo ON

Tena – Baeza: CLOSED due to crowds at km 10.

Cuyuja – Baeza ACTIVATED

Tena – Loreto: ENABLED

Tena – Archidona ACTIVATED

Coke – Lago Agrio: ENABLED

Coke – Sacha: ENABLED

Coke – Loreto: ENABLED

Coca – Dayuma: CLOSED in sector Y at km 14 due to high traffic.


Previously published on metroecuador.com

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