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Risk of confusion with their triplets! Anna-Maria Ferchichi admits: ‘I felt so bad’

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Anna Maria Ferchichi
Her tip for not confusing triplets

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido with their triplets

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Anna-Maria Ferchichi gave birth to triplets last November. After a tumultuous pregnancy, the little girls are alive and well today, but still struggle to talk to their parents about it from time to time.

Naima, Leonora and Amaya, 8 months, have been turning the lives of Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40, and Bushido, 43, upside down for the past few months. The triplets have crowned the couple’s family happiness and enrich the daily life of the extended family every day. The mother of eight shares this with her fans via Instagram.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: “I felt so bad…”

Anna-Maria Ferchichi also reveals that she and her husband still have trouble telling triplets apart. But now they have some tricks to avoid any confusion. Her former problem child, Amaya, is easy to spot, the little one still weighs 2.5kg less than her sisters.

Leonora and Naima, on the other hand, are identical and therefore all the more difficult to tell apart. “It didn’t work for the first three months. We then put bands on their chests on their rompers. One was number one and one was number two,” the 40-year-old said in her Instagram Story and admits, ” I felt so bad because I thought: a mother must know which child it is.” But without facial expressions or laughter, it is all the more difficult to tell the babies apart.

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“Now it is the case that Naima has four such small hairs on her right eye. In addition, Naima has the blood sponge on her back, ”says Anna-Maria Ferchichi. Obvious characteristics that help to recognize her daughters And Leonora The Little One is “just a really wild mouse, you can tell by her voice,” says Ferchichi, adding that she has a little dimple on the left side of her face – like her siblings Issa. , 7, and Laila, 9. Despite the characteristics, however, it still happens from time to time that she and Bushido confuse their little ones, but with such a big household, it’s no wonder.

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