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Rihanna dazzled by her postpartum figure 2 months after giving birth: she wore mini shorts and an urban style

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Just 2 months ago Rihanna became a mother and he has already dazzled the world with his style and figure.

Remember that the artist stood out during her pregnancy in front of the whole worldbecause she wore completely risky looks that made her unique at every moment of this beautiful stage of pregnancy.

Far from wearing a classic maternal outfit, the famous interpreter of “Umbrella” dazzled by all kinds of looks with risky necklines, transparencies, miniskirts and all kinds of clothes who usually uses it at all stages of his life.

For this reason, many were eager to see what the artist’s style would look like after having her babybecause she always finds a way to innovate and be fabulous, whatever the moment.

This was demonstrated recently, when she was captured with her partner A$ap Rocky. The famous wore an urban style that captivated her fans, as she combined mini shorts with an oversized jacket in royal blue tones.

Under the jacket, the artist wore a yellow shirt, and this ensemble was combined with some tennis shoes and a yellow cap.

Rihanna is not afraid of the vagaries of fashion

The artist is characterized by knowing how to experiment in the world of fashion, as she usually breaks all the rules to create a unique style that makes her catch the attention of the whole world.

This is how before and during her pregnancy, she gave something to talk about with proposals for completely avant-garde outfits.

This has generated both criticism and compliments of all kinds and although conflicting opinions are a daily dish for her, nothing stopped her from becoming a successful businesswoman in the world of fashion and beauty.

Today Rihanna has an empire thanks to her brands of clothing, make-up and, more recently, hair products.

Source metroecuador.com

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