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(revolutionary) nothing


Doodling, lounging, lying on the floor thinking the ceiling is the August night sky. Any. That you had nothing to do today, that the cement of work for tomorrow or the day before yesterday has been ripped from your head, that the drip rumble of incoming messages will go away if you meet the deadline for delivery or the required administrative procedure the next, antechamber of others. That just the ease, that nothing puts you under pressure today, that working (or not) can be done without fear of rejection, that a “not now” doesn’t mean “never”, that vacation days really have been freed from work. Any.

However, many people feel that if they do not use this time, known as vacation time, to advance in meaningful work that really motivates them, or to get back to what they are, it would be difficult for them to resist postponed or accumulated during the course the rest of the year as well. As if the clean time for research, reading, alienation, deepest project, world order, or planning without distractions has been reduced to slightly freer times, weekends, and vacations. Without them they could not endure the monotony of the productive gear. But, contradictingly, for that they also need a breakup, a break, some any.

Some time ago, for many, these days have faded, reduced, or camouflaged as inscriptions You say but not describe. As reporters of the productivity of their day, they say “holiday” in the computer applications, but in their daily lives they continue to be connected and working.

This merging of life and work has not been abrupt and is not taken for granted when the world slowly changes. It reminds me a bit of when I lost my hearing and the birds gradually disappeared from the streets. I blamed the strangeness of the city until one day a hearing aid detected that they were still there but not being heard. Then you start to wonder about everything that becomes invisible when the body changes. In the same way many things are erased in a saturated life and perhaps the contrast to it anyas if the any What a hearing aid does not perceive at first glance can suddenly be discovered. Because, fed up with planetary tragedies, missing out in the face of an injustice requires a different look, like observing a twilight sky requires a slight turn of the head, but there are moves that are difficult to execute unless productive, have you around them of caught off guard from a vantage point any. That’s why I say this any.

As children, holidays were a clear time of nothingness, a time of pure hustle and bustle of games, free reading, water, laughter in the square and cool nights. In the city the holidays were a continuation in the city a bit happier and with more people. On TV we saw those traveling as a family, leaving Madrid to sunbathe on the beach or traveling abroad. Going out was a way to differentiate themselves from those who balanced their days without moving from the same activity and home because they were generally poor or old.

Guaranteed not to go out now any. Wherever you can connect your devices with a connection, you’re still hooked and blurring the meaning of the days of the work calendar, which as a mere formality are colored differently as they closely resemble a Saturday in August and a Tuesday in March. If you add the expectation that the holidays will give an opportunity for that inanimate work that you always put off, you need to find the “Nothing” door, unravel it from twigs and garbage. It doesn’t help that the times are torpedoed by the proliferation of forms of technology dependency and control, by the increased competitive demands, the bureaucratic use of force in self-governing applications, the chain of collaborations of the notoriously vulnerable in the workplace, small but endless tasks being taken on , because what appears optional is experienced as something unassailable. How to refuse when what they ask you is small? You just notice that there is no time left for “a thousand little ones”, and that any Matter.

If, in the face of the new crisis, we raise our hands to propose to take care of “the nothing”, the life without work that belongs only to each of us, to protect calm and separation, but also to reduce the working day as in other Europeans countries or as will undoubtedly happen in the future – less stress, more motivation, less travel, better quality of life – some would be outraged at the inappropriateness of this hypothetical measure at an inflationary moment. But it is what has any, that one must think of alternatives to the austerity proposals of the conservative powers that demand “sacrifices”, usually the greater the more precariousness and poverty are ravaged. If the ideal conditions never materialize, what great value are the actions aimed at changing models while protecting people and the planet. And what a weariness, in the face of blackmailing the energy companies into governing with their allies, to take a conservative turn for granted and repeat that only their way of understanding the economy is valid.

It is well known that in times of crisis, the usual forces encourage resignation with an “it is what it is” until it normalizes, shifting life and the planet to future collective vacations and better times. Transformative things that require intelligence and time tend to be underestimated by those forces defending policies that guarantee their safety Status quoBringing down governments that put people first.

It’s difficult to get excited and daydream, bond when you’re still in the productive wheel and there’s no room in your days any. Surely you would prefer one better what a old Productivity. I mean doing less but being good instead of doing mechanical and precarious work as an operator in an overheated and competitive system that makes you feel exhausted and disengaged from your job, wanting to escape or retire. The pandemic brought many moments of any that encouraged change in people when their contexts did not change. Because when did the dream of doing less but better, doing a dignified and well-paid job, become a luxury with life? What connects current production and energy models with individualistic forms of life work? They are in stark contrast to doing things that care about people and the planet, about stopping distrusting workers, controlling and entertaining them with pressure systems that make the privileged, those with those models the highest profits never had, the kind of millionaires and commission agents who incredibly multiply their profits when the citizens get poorer. Which machines do they control? What jobs do you have and how much energy do you save on your vacation in exclusive destinations, fresh as a Yang for him yin from that dark, urban space where you work while on vacation? How can you not notice his dip splattering on you as you try to save yourself by alternating a few hours of air conditioning with the summer fire in the window?

So much hassle trying to control your working hours and no one has stopped to see if you’re really resting on your vacation and filling your life with explosives any. And one needs this holiday to change and slow down productive inertia, to avoid repeating oneself in an endless loop, to surrender to sclerotic inequality as the lesser evil, docile with ominously conservative and less social prognoses, to establish connections with others. Nothing, you just claim a period of revolutionary illusion, I meant revolutionary any.

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